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MediaVue are a manufacturer of robust media players designed to use the NowSignage software to enhance your digital software displays

Today, more than 50,000 SureVue media players are installed around the world. Father-and-son pair, David and Erik DeGiorgi, came up with the idea for MediaVue in 2007. Working from a nineteenth-century barn, they and their growing team developed purpose-built digital media players. Their initial fanless model grew into a complete family of SureVue players

Products we’re tested on:

NowSignage is compatible across the entire range of media players from Mediavue


Typical Use:

MediaVue has a strong reputation for security and reliability. As such they have a strong presence within industries such as financial services, local and national government, healthcare and workplace verticals.


NowSignage is the world’s only signage CMS to be genuinely agnostic via a single code base. As such, all premium features work seamlessly ‘out of the box’ with MediaVue’s hardware.

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

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