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Vestel is a Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturing company consisting of 18 companies specialised in electronics, major appliances and information technology. Vestel’s headquarters and production plant are located in Manisa, while the company’s parent conglomerate is the Istanbul based Zorlu Holding.

Together with its subsidiary brands has a significant share in the European market of consumer electronics and home appliances, in particular TV sets. As of 2006, Vestel was the largest TV producer in Europe with more than 8 million units sold, accounting for a quarter of the European market.

Most TVs produced by Vestel are sold under licensed brand names such as Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC and many own brand labels

Products we’re tested on:

NowSignage is compatible on Vestel LFD signage panels via their Android operating systems or via any 3rd party media player.

Typical Use:

Having such a wide range of products available for digital signage,Vestel are deployed globally across just about every vertical market such as retail, education, corporate and manufacturing.

NowSignage is the world’s only signage CMS to be genuinely agnostic via a single code base. As such, all premium features work seamlessly ‘out of the box’ with Vestel’s hardware.

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

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