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NowSignage can be used to power video walls of all shapes and sizes and across a huge variety of hardware.

NowSignage offers the most cost-effective way to power a video wall on the market. For example, A 6 x 6 video wall, with a single visual output, would require just a single NowSignage CMS license and your digital signage screens will do the rest using “daisy chain” technology.

Size matters!

NowSignage understands that video walls, like people, come in all sorts of weird and wonderful sizes and orientations. As such, users are able to free-text input any size and set just about any orientation you so desire.

So, whether you have a 2 x 2 wall in your reception or a 10 x 10 in your large retail store, you can be sure NowSignage will render perfectly.

Video Walls
Video Walls

Single or Multi-Zone

Hardware permitting, NowSignage can be used to broadcast a single image across an entire video wall, or through multi-zone layouts you can display several images across your wall. The choice is yours and setting your preference in the CMS takes seconds.

Video Walls

“We have a trusted relationship with NowSignage, they always make everything so easy. It’s easy to install on-site, easy for our customers to content manage remotely and easy for us to upscale the number of screen licenses at anytime.”

Anthony Hammond, at Jigsaw24

Perfect Resolution

NowSignage allows the display of content on your video wall in perfect resolution. Depending on the power of your hardware and media player device you can display content in any resolution up to perfect 4k at any size.


Video Walls
Video Walls

LFD, projection & more

NowSignage can be used to power all kinds of video walls, whether they be made up of several large format displays, or several projected images “stitched” to form hugely impressive, large video walls.

Of course, as with all NowSignage features, the ability to display content on LFD video walls, or via projection, is all included within your license costs.

Multiple Screens

Unlock a new level of visual communication with our digital signage CMS software’s ability to handle multiple screens. Whether it’s a network of displays in a retail setting or a video wall in a control room, our software enables easy content distribution across various screens, ensuring consistent messaging and impactful engagement.

Video Walls
Video Walls

Control Rooms

 Efficiently manage your operations with our digital signage CMS software designed specifically for control rooms. Seamlessly integrate multiple screens and display critical information in real-time, enhancing collaboration and decision-making processes. Our solution empowers control room operators to stay in control, ensuring a smooth flow of information for optimized performance

Viewing Distance and Ambient Light

Tailor your content to perfection by considering viewing distance and ambient light conditions. Our digital signage CMS software allows you to calibrate content for optimal visibility, ensuring that messages are crystal clear and captivating, regardless of the viewing distance or surrounding lighting.

Video Walls
Video Walls

LCD Video Walls with Narrow Bezels

Elevate your visual experience with LCD video walls featuring ultra-narrow bezels. Our digital signage CMS software seamlessly manages content across these stunning displays, creating immersive and seamless visuals that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Individual Displays and LED Video Walls

From individual displays to impressive LED video walls, our digital signage CMS software empowers you to harness the power of both. Control and manage content across various display types, offering versatility and flexibility for your communication needs.

Video Walls
Video Walls

Video Wall Solutions with High Resolution

Deliver awe-inspiring visuals with our video wall solutions, boasting high resolutions that bring content to life. Our digital signage CMS software ensures that every pixel is optimized, making your message striking and unforgettable.

Video Wall Controllers and Solutions

Take full command of your video wall setup with our comprehensive video wall controllers and solutions. Seamlessly manage content distribution, scheduling, and display configurations, creating a captivating and dynamic visual environment.

Video Walls
Video Walls

LED Displays with Ultra-Narrow Bezels

Make a statement with LED displays featuring ultra-narrow bezels. Our digital signage CMS software maximizes the potential of these sleek displays, enabling you to showcase content seamlessly across multiple screens for a stunning visual impact.

Large Displays for Impactful Messaging

Captivate your audience with large displays that demand attention. Our digital signage CMS software empowers you to deliver impactful messaging and captivating visuals on a grand scale, ensuring your message is seen and remembered.

Video Walls
Video Walls

Cutting-Edge LED Video Walls

Experience the future of visual communication with cutting-edge LED video walls. Our digital signage CMS software optimizes content distribution on these innovative displays, allowing you to create immersive environments that leave a lasting impression.

Explore Video Wall Display Possibilities

Unleash creativity and explore endless possibilities with our digital signage CMS software’s video wall display features. From innovative layouts to interactive content, our solution empowers you to push boundaries and deliver a unique and engaging viewer experience.

Video Walls