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Why incorporate Social into an event Q&A session?

Why incorporate Social into an event Q&A session?

Your conference has been a storming success. Each speech and presentation has gone down a treat with their audiences, and because each speaker has created a flurry of thoughts in everyone’s mind, people naturally have bags of questions to ask. Depending on the size of the occasion, there could be between a hundred or so to even a thousand people in attendance. How on earth to you manage to answer everyone’s questions who are at the venue?! (Let alone online followers). Passing round the microphone probably won’t suffice here…

The questions and answers of course really begin way before a conference, and as soon as promotion and awareness gains a weight, especially online. Interested people will naturally want to know more about the details of the schedule, contents of keynote speeches and facilities at the venue.

This is where the organisational and engagement features of NowSignage can help you make sure that nobody of value ever gets left out or feels undervalued or disengaged from the occasion. Laying the foundations for optimum engagement starts during the planning process. Select the hashtags you want your audience to use in Tweets, promote them, then you can create folders where Tweets under these categories will appear. You could create some especially for top questions or difficult questions which can then be used to make sure that none of your audience are ignored.

During an in-show Q & A session, Tweeted questions can be displayed on any big screen that are used for the presentation in real time. If you want to rattle through as many questions from a particularly eager audience, it may be a good idea to think of some answers to likely questions beforehand, streamlining the session. NowSignage can store any of these folders and their contents forever, so post-event time can be used to reward ‘top engagers’, chase up unanswered questions and find recommended improvements for the future.  Also, because of the slick storage and organisation abilities of the NowSignage interface, past positive sentiment from your event can be effective used in advertising copy to showcase your super event!

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