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“The most advanced moderated social media search tool on the market at no extra cost”

Our best-in-class, direct integrations with all of the main social media platforms has a huge influence on buying behaviour.

We know that as much as 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals, so a peer-endorsement on social media, displayed via your digital signage network, has never been more important.

Don’t be limited to streaming just your latest posts, find all those great customer posts and broadcast those too!

Any content anywhere...

“Our approach to multi-zone layouts has redefined the future of content scheduling”

Unlike all other CMS providers, our multi-zone layouts are added to a schedule, rather than tied to a specific screen, so a user now has complete flexibility over the layout of their screens at any time, with the click of a button, without the need for overly complicated ‘trigger’ systems or manual overrides.

You can even schedule layouts to automatically adjust based on the time of day or day of the week.

Any content anywhere...

“The World’s First and Only Integration With Microsoft Power BI”

With all other CMS providers the only way for a Microsoft Power BI User to display a report on digital signage is to display it via a publicly available URL.

Businesses are of course reluctant to do this, and as such aren’t getting full value from what is a critical tool for their business.

NowSignage was the first and the only digital signage platform on the market to develop a full and direct integration with Microsoft Power BI that enables users to display BI reports privately and securely.

This world-first piece of innovation is now available, completely free of charge, for all users from July 1st 2020.

Any content anywhere...

“Display any TV station, anywhere in the world with 2 clicks, at no extra cost”

Wimbledon and World Cup games in the office, anyone? Or perhaps just some relevant news channels?

With the correct broadcasting permissions you are able to display any IPTV stream as part of a predefined playlist and show these channels on individual or specific groups of screens via our best-in-class scheduling system.

Any content anywhere...

“A direct integration with Google Traffic to communicate staff commutes”

Who hasn’t left the office only to kick yourself that you didn’t take ‘the other’ route home? Annoying, isn’t it?

With our direct integration with Google, you are able to display local traffic in and around any given location, such as your office or premises. To help us all try to take the correct route home!


Any content anywhere...

“An integration with leading people counting sensors to visualise in-store capacity and control customer flow”

Developed initially to help retailers and employers rebuild confidence with customers and staff returning in the aftermath of Covid19 and subsequent Social Distancing policies, the Capacity Management application allows users to signal when individuals are allowed to enter the premises, alongside all of the other key features of NowSignage.

The ability to pull trend reports directly from the CMS provides marketers and other key stakeholders with critical management information and trends, ensuring that this solution can add value for years to come.

Endless possibilities at your fingertips

Unlike other Digital Signage CMS providers available on the market, NowSignage provides the very best features to all users at no extra cost. We take feedback from our users every single month on what features they would like to see in our platform and, as such, we are rolling out new features all the time. Essentially, the version of NowSignage that you buy today will be the ‘worst’ version of NowSignage that you will ever own, but your price will remain the same! So, whether you are using our world-first Microsoft Power BI integration, our best-in-class social media feeds or our IPTV features we will never charge you any more than your standard license fee.

Why choose NowSignage?

Easy to use

NowSignage is possibly the easiest to use CMS anywhere in the world today, which means that any end-user can be fully trained and competent on NowSignage within just 30 minutes. Customers can therefore take comfort that should a user move on or change roles within the business, then new users can be fully trained with ease.

We have a very simple drag and drop feature to upload your content, where you can select the files you wish to import and drop them in our file upload zone. Then all you need to do is add your content into a playlist and select the screens you’d like the content to display on, it couldn’t be simpler!


Secure & reliable

Our platform is used by some of the world’s biggest brands and as such we hold security and compliance in the highest regard. We pride ourselves on maintaining and implementing the correct and latest security processes across all aspects of our platform.

The platform infrastructure is hosted via Amazon’s AWS, in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This physically prevents any connections accessing core servers from the external internet, only allowing whitelisted access via the load balancer. This essentially mitigates the risk of a third party being able to exfiltrate data from our databases or asset library storage.


Most affordable

NowSignage is a true SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, this means that all users, whether they are large or small, are granted access to the exact same features and functionality. Unlike many other CMS providers, we don’t create or sell hardware and we never will. We solely develop software and our aim is to develop and maintain the best CMS on the market.

Most crucially of all, NowSignage just works! This means that, unlike many CMS businesses, we don’t need lots of account managers and support staff either (but rest assured, world-class support is still readily available!) All of these things add up to one thing for you, the user; the best value CMS anywhere on the market today.


Superior support

NowSignage is uncompromising when it comes to providing the very best in pre and post-sales support. All customers receive the following completely free of charge:

– Free 60 minute Webex training session to any relevant stakeholders at any time

– Unlimited access to self-help video-guides plus a designated human Account Manager to ensure that help is always available

– In-platform support available for out-of-hours queries, via our robust ticketing system with clearly defined response times

– Free automatic upgrades as we release new features and platform improvements


Hardware agnostic

We became a little tired of seeing CMS providers essentially forcing users to purchase a particular piece of hardware or media player in order to just get their software to work. In 2019 NowSignage became the first digital signage CMS to be hardware-agnostic through a single codebase. You can therefore rest assured that whatever hardware, media player or system-on-chip device you use, NowSignage should just work.

Therefore, no matter what hardware you are running our app on, whether this is an Android Media Player or using our Browser Player, you can be certain that your uploaded assets will display in exactly the same manner.


Custom integrations

NowSignage has a variety of direct API integrations with 3rd party softwares including our integrations with Microsoft, Google and various social media platforms. When we develop an integration, we do it properly with a full API integration.

Unlike other CMS providers we do not display content from 3rd parties via a publicly available URL and pass this off as an integration. We have and will continue to provide full and proper API integrations with secure sign-on capabilities. This means users can be sure that any 3rd party content displayed via NowSignage is completely secure and completely private.


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