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Digital Signage for Menu Boards

Digital Signage for Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a popular application of digital signage in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

NowSignage developed cloud-based software that allows users to set pricing for single use or franchise stores. You can use this software for both static and dynamic pricing. Thousands of locations can implement it or just a single store.

The product offers a visually appealing way to display menus, promotions, and other relevant information to customers.

With NowSignage, you can easily update and manage your digital menu boards from anywhere and at any time. It is a cloud based products that can play on any type of screen or any operating system.

You can quickly update your menu, prices, and promotions so that your customers always have the latest information. It also has the benefit that your business can quickly respond to sudden increase in either tax or materials.

You can even link dynamic images to dynamic pricing allowing product availability to a appear or disappear as items sell out.

New Phillips ‘The Tableux’ display boards when used with the NowSignage CMS are incredibly effective solution for Menu Boards when installed.

They can provide both a cost-effective and sustainable solution, resulting in almost no running costs for the company.

With dynamic pricing, you can easily update menus without printing posters or disappointing customers by running out of stock.

Digital menu boards offer several benefits for businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Visual Appeal

Digital menu boards provide a visually appealing way to display menus, promotions, and other relevant information to customers. The use of dynamic images and videos can attract attention and engage customers more effectively than traditional static menus.

2. Easy Updates

With digital menu boards, you can easily update and manage your menus from anywhere and at any time. Easily update menu, prices, and promotions to keep customers informed with the most up-to-date information.

3. Cost Savings

By using digital menu boards, you can save on printing costs for traditional menus and posters. Instead of printing new menus every time there is a change, you can simply update the digital content. This can result in significant cost savings over time.

4. Flexibility

Digital menu boards offer flexibility in content and design. You can easily customise the layout, colours, and fonts to match your brand identity. You can plan menus or promotions for specific times, meeting different customer preferences throughout the day or week

5. Instant Updates

Digital menu boards provide instant updates for adjusting prices, product availability, and special offers in real-time. You can adjust the prices on the menu boards promptly if taxes or materials increase unexpectedly. This will help you keep your customers informed.

6. Increased Sales

Digital menu boards can boost sales by showcasing popular items, daily specials, and limited-time offers. By using eye-catching visuals and strategically placing high-margin items, you can influence customer purchasing decisions and drive revenue.

7. Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital menu boards can enhance the overall customer experience by providing clear and easily readable menus. Customers can quickly browse through the options, view images of the dishes, and make informed decisions. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Overall, digital menu boards offer a modern and efficient solution for displaying menus and promotions in the hospitality and restaurant industry. They provide businesses with the ability to easily update content, save costs, and create engaging experiences for their customers. They can even help with cutting down waste using the new smart displays.

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