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Digital Signage for Hospitality

Transform how you communicate, sell and engage your guests by going digital

// Utilise touchscreen devices for bookings and check-ins
// Schedule promotions for different seasonal events and campaigns
// Broadcast important announcements to guests instantly
// Use multi-zone layouts to display many forms of content together
// Engage your internal team with back of house communications


Image & Video

Use images and videos in the hospitality sector for showcasing amenities, dining experiences or hotel room options. This visually engaging content helps businesses captivate guests to enhance their overall impression and increase potential revenue.


YouTube & Social Media

YouTube integration enables hospitality businesses to showcase user-generated content, travel guides or virtual tours of their properties. By incorporating social media, you can display curated guest reviews and endorsements, alongside photographs and messages posted by customers.


Convey information such as check in and check out times, special promotions, events and amenities. This feature ensures that guests are well-informed and can make the most of their stay. Announcements can also be used to communicate updates to staff teams.


Schedules & Overrides

Scheduling content allows you to display specific information at certain times. Make the most of your screens during events and functions by displaying agenda information, dining times, and venue curfews to everyone in attendance.

Remote Device Management

Enables administrators to remotely monitor and control digital signage displays across multiple locations, ensuring that your hardware is up-to-date without the need for on-site maintenance.

Whether you need to adjust settings on a digital screen, run updates or turn the power off, RDM allows total control.


Multi-Zone Layouts

Multi-Zone Layouts are valuable for creating dynamic displays that showcase different aspects of your offering simultaneously. For instance, hotels can display room availability in one zone, promote dining options in another, and share local attractions in a third, enhancing the guest experience further.

Capacity Management

Monitoring occupancy levels in public places can be beneficial for many reasons, which is why our Capacity Management feature is highly sought after. This can be executed in many ways, including monitoring occupancy levels in restaurants, spa and leisure facilities, and meeting rooms.


Webpages and Wayfinding

Any webpage can be displayed through NowSignage meaning you can allow guests to interact with your displays to access customer surveys, registration forms, and interactive wayfinding.

Touch Displays

Let guests check themselves in or access certain hotel facilities through touch displays. Display promotional content on these displays when they’re not in use.


Window Displays

Advertise promotions and hospitality events to guests passing by with high resolution digital window displays.

Digital Menu Boards

Enhance dining experiences and buffet setups with digital menus and food allergen information. Centrally manage products and pricing across dining areas.


Freestanding Totems

Directly engage with guests and customers by strategically placing totems in areas with high footfall. Use cases include wayfinding for events, promotional content, offers, and targeted campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, integrating digital signage into your hotel can significantly enhance guest experiences and streamline operations. These displays offer numerous benefits, from improving communication to enhancing guest engagement.

Digital signage serves as an effective tool for displaying essential information like event schedules, dining options, local attractions, and hotel amenities. This information is presented dynamically, capturing guest attention and providing them with valuable, real-time information.

Moreover, digital signage can be used for branding and promotional purposes, showcasing special offers, loyalty programs, and exclusive amenities, thus increasing upsell opportunities and guest satisfaction.

Interactive digital signage in hotel lobbies or concierge areas can provide guests with self-service options for check-ins, directions, or concierge services, improving efficiency and convenience.

The flexibility of digital signage allows easy updates and customization of content, ensuring that guests receive the most relevant and timely information during their stay.

Implementing digital signage in your hotel can significantly elevate the guest experience, improve operational efficiency, and contribute to the overall ambiance and modernity of your establishment.

Implementing digital signage in hospitality requires a strategic approach, considering guest experience, brand consistency, scalability, technical reliability, content relevance, and customization.

Guest experience enhancement is key. Signage should provide relevant information like hotel amenities, events, and local attractions while complementing the overall ambiance without overwhelming guests.

Maintaining brand consistency across various touchpoints is crucial. Signage should align with the hotel’s branding, yet allow for customization to suit specific guest needs or promotional activities.

Scalability is vital, especially for hotel chains. Cloud-based solutions facilitate seamless expansion and updates across multiple locations, offering cost-effective scalability.

Technical reliability ensures uninterrupted service. Dependable hardware and network connections prevent disruptions, ensuring consistent display and guest engagement.

Tailoring content to guests’ preferences and demographics optimises impact. Dynamic scheduling allows for timely delivery of information, such as dining options, spa services, or upcoming events, enriching the guest experience.

Successful deployment of digital signage in hospitality involves balancing guest experience, brand consistency, scalability, technical reliability, and personalised content. This approach significantly enhances guest satisfaction and overall hospitality service quality.

Digital signage is a versatile tool in the hospitality sector, elevating guest engagement and service delivery by providing timely, personalised, and informative content.

Enhanced guest engagement is achieved through relevant communication. Signage assists guests in navigating facilities, promoting amenities, and conveying timely information about events or services, enriching their stay experience.

Maintaining brand identity across various touchpoints reinforces the hotel’s image. Customizable signage allows for tailored messaging while upholding brand consistency, contributing to a memorable guest experience.

Scalability is crucial, especially for hotel chains or resorts. Cloud-based solutions facilitate easy expansion and updates across multiple locations, ensuring uniformity in service and information delivery.

Technical reliability guarantees uninterrupted service. Stable hardware and network connections ensure seamless content delivery, enhancing guest communication and satisfaction.

Tailored content based on guest preferences and demographics fosters deeper engagement. Dynamic scheduling enables the display of relevant information, such as promotions or local recommendations, catering to guests’ interests.

Incorporating digital signage thoughtfully in hospitality significantly enhances guest engagement, brand consistency, and overall service quality, creating a memorable and satisfying experience for patrons.

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