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Digital Lobby Signage

Digital lobby signage, also known as digital signage or lobby digital signage, is a powerful tool that can enhance the guest experience, improve communication, and increase revenue for your hotel. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of digital lobby signage and how NowSignage can help you take your hotel lobby to the next level.

Why Your Hotel Needs Digital Lobby Signage

Enhance the Guest Experience

The lobby is often the first point of contact for guests when they arrive at your hotel. It’s where they check-in, get information, and wait for their room to be ready. With digital signage, you can create a more engaging and interactive experience for your guests.

Instead of traditional static signs, digital signage allows you to display dynamic content such as videos, images, and live social media feeds. This not only captures the attention of guests but also provides them with useful information and entertainment while they wait.

You can also use digital signage to showcase your hotel’s amenities, promotions, and events, making it easier for guests to discover and take advantage of what your hotel has to offer.

Improve Communication

Digital signage can also improve communication between your staff and guests. With real-time updates and notifications, you can keep guests informed about any changes or updates to their stay, such as room availability, check-out times, and special offers.

You can also use digital signage to display important information such as emergency procedures, local weather, and transportation options. This not only helps guests feel more informed and prepared but also reduces the workload for your staff.

Increase Revenue

Digital lobby signage can also be a powerful tool for increasing revenue for your hotel. By promoting your hotel’s amenities, services, and events, you can encourage guests to spend more during their stay.

For example, you can use digital signage to promote your spa services, restaurant specials, or upcoming events. You can also use it to upsell room upgrades or add-ons, such as late check-out or room service.

How NowSignage Can Help

NowSignage is a leading digital signage platform that can help you take your hotel lobby to the next level. Here’s how.

Easy Content Management

NowSignage’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to manage and update your digital lobby signage content. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create and schedule content in minutes, without any technical knowledge.

You can also customize your content to match your hotel’s branding and design, ensuring a cohesive and professional look throughout your lobby.

Seamless Integration

NowSignage seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, making it easy to display real-time information and updates on your digital lobby signage. This includes integrations with popular hotel management systems such as Opera, Fidelio, and Guestline.

You can also integrate with social media platforms, allowing you to display live feeds and user-generated content on your digital signage.

Remote Management

With NowSignage, you can manage your digital lobby signage from anywhere, at any time. This is especially useful for hotel chains or properties with multiple locations, as you can control all of your digital signage from one central platform.

You can also assign different levels of access to your team members, allowing them to manage and update content for their specific location.

Analytics and Reporting

NowSignage provides detailed analytics and reporting on the performance of your digital lobby signage. This includes data on impressions, engagement, and conversions, allowing you to track the success of your content and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Real-World Examples of Digital Lobby Signage

NowSignage has helped numerous hotels and hospitality businesses enhance their guest experience and increase revenue through digital lobby signage. Here are a few real-world examples.

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel, a luxury hotel in Brighton, UK, used digital signage to create a more engaging and informative experience for their guests. They used digital signage to display live social media feeds, local weather, and information about their spa and restaurant services.

The result was a more modern and interactive lobby experience for guests, which received positive feedback and increased engagement with their social media channels.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, a luxury hotel chain, used digital signage to streamline their communication with guests and improve their overall experience. They used digital signage to display real-time updates on room availability, check-out times, and local events.

This not only reduced the workload for their staff but also improved the guest experience by keeping them informed and up-to-date.

Who Is Responsible for Digital Lobby Signage?

Digital lobby signage is typically managed by the hotel’s marketing or operations team. They are responsible for creating and scheduling content, managing integrations, and analyzing performance.

However, it’s important to involve other departments, such as front desk and concierge, to ensure that the content displayed is relevant and useful for guests.


Digital lobby signage is a powerful tool that can enhance the guest experience, improve communication, and increase revenue for your hotel. With NowSignage, you can easily manage and update your digital signage content, seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and track performance through detailed analytics and reporting.

Don’t let your hotel lobby fall behind in the digital age. Invest in digital lobby signage with NowSignage and take your guest experience to the next level.

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