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Companies that communicate effectively are 4x more likely to report higher levels of employee engagement. Disengaged employees are 12x more likely to leave their job within the current year.

NowSignage provides a simple and cost effective way to get important information to the right people at the right time.


Internal Communication

Use our multi zone layouts to display important internal comms and live data feeds through IPTV , RSS feeds , weather and traffic NowSignage also has integrations with many third parties such as Microsoft and Google (such as Sheets, Maps and Docs) which all makes communication with key stakeholders via digital signage easier than ever before.



Keep staff and visitors well informed in your public areas and receptions with our multi-zone layouts which can display a variety of dynamic content such as: IPTV streams, social media feeds, local weather, local traffic and any other number of free-to-use applications.

With NowSignage, it’s easy to create a truly eye-catching digital signage experience to help continually engage your audience and ensure they don’t “switch off” from your screens, video walls or digital hand sanitisers.

Share social

It’s well known that people “tune out” of digital signage when they aren’t seeing content that is relevant to them. With our RSS feeds and social media tools, your teams can be kept abreast of both internal and external news that is specific and relevant to them, ensuring that your people stay informed and remain engaged.


Power BI

NowSignage was the first and the only digital signage platform on the market to develop a full and direct integration with Microsoft Azure, so that Power BI users are able to display BI reports, leaderboards and other internal data, completely privately and securely. Users are able to pull data from all of the main CRM systems such as Hubspot, Sales Force, Office365 and many more.

Within a corporate environment, it is imperative to cut through the noise and succinctly present business critical information to a relevant audience at a time and place that allows them to make informed decisions, or instil success. Combining Power BI with NowSignage enables businesses to broadcast this data across their office screens, putting insight exactly where their employees can’t miss it.


“Digital signage was the perfect tool to broadcast our live metrics and targets to our employees across the globe. NowSignage were the only offering we found that could provide a secure solution to PowerBI on digital signage, and we are delighted with the result.”

Sean Paul Bradley, Continuous Improvement Director at Robert Walters


Keep staff informed around updated social distancing rules or even warn staff about potential disruptions to the working day such as fire alarm tests by using our real-time announcements feature.

There are many effective ways of using this feature throughout a corporate environment to ensure your staff stay motivated and engaged. Perhaps celebrate employee birthdays or wish them a happy work anniversary!



We pride ourselves on maintaining and implementing the correct and latest security processes across all aspects of our platform which is one of the reasons why we are deployed and trusted throughout the corporate sector.

Our platform’s infrastructure is hosted via Amazon’s AWS, in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so you can be confident that your Power BI reports are fully safe and secure. The use of a VPC essentially mitigates the risk of a third party being able to exfiltrate data from our databases through the public internet. With this in mind when using NowSignage within a corporate environment you can be fully confident that your critical business data is completely secure and private.

Easy to use

NowSignage is what you might call a “self-serve” platform. Essentially, that means the platform is easy enough to use, and reliable enough, that you shouldn’t really need much support from us anyway. However, NowSignage always ensures that the very best support is available, should you need it.

We have a plethora of self-help video content which should answer just about any question you might have. And if you can’t, don’t worry, there is always a human being you can speak to as well.



NowSignage is possibly the easiest to use CMS anywhere in the world today, which means that any end-user can be fully trained and competent on NowSignage within just 30 minutes.

Customers can therefore take comfort that should a user move on or change roles within the business, then new users can be fully trained with ease, and free of charge, by one of our family of account managers