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Digital Signage for Corporate

Elevate your corporate communication with visually appealing content

// Communicate with your team with instant announcements
// Securely display dashboards such as Microsoft Power BI and more
// Display availability for meeting rooms and scheduling information
// Showcase a variety of content on one screen with multi-zone layouts
// Use OnDemand to instantly takeover screen content using a mobile device


RSS Feeds

Select from a range of RSS sources, to enable you to display real-time news updates and industry trends tailored to your sector. Easily keep employees informed about the latest news and maintain a dynamic and engaging workplace environment for all.



Broadcasting announcements has never been easier when using digital signage. Whether it’s company news, employee recognition or important updates, this feature allows you to convey information in a visually appealing way to ensure key messages are noticed.

Multi Zone Layouts

Maximise the use of your digital signage screens by dividing them into sections, each displaying the content you want to be shown. This feature is ideal for displaying a mix of information such as news, company metrics, announcements and events simultaneously.


Power BI

NowSignage was the first and the only digital signage platform on the market to develop a full and direct integration with Microsoft Azure, so that Power BI users are able to display BI reports, leaderboards and other internal data, completely privately and securely. Users are able to pull data from all of the main CRM systems such as Hubspot, Sales Force, Office365 and many more.

Within a corporate environment, it is imperative to cut through the noise and succinctly present business critical information to a relevant audience at a time and place that allows them to make informed decisions, or instil success. Combining Power BI with NowSignage enables businesses to broadcast this data across their office screens, putting insight exactly where their employees can’t miss it.


“Digital signage was the perfect tool to broadcast our live metrics and targets to our employees across the globe. NowSignage were the only offering we found that could provide a secure solution to PowerBI on digital signage, and we are delighted with the result.”

Sean Paul Bradley, Continuous Improvement Director at Robert Walters

Secure Dashboards

Data drives business decisions and operations across a workforce. With secure dashboards you can display secure web pages or documents without the risk of storing login details on screens. Simply login through our highly secure CMS to access.



Allows authorised users to immediately change the content on a screen from a mobile device. Whether you need to communicate an emergency message or show targeted content instantly, OnDemand allows complete control over your screens without the need to adjust your schedules.

Roles & Permissions

Allows businesses to provide controlled user access for screen management. Using access tags, corporations can control which areas of the platform and which screens designated users can manage.



Grants users within your corporate network to access NowSignage using an SSO process. If you already have users set up with a Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure AD account, they can easily access the NowSignage platform from their own account.

Touch Displays

Touch hotspots work on interactive displays to provide a broad range of features, such as interactive dashboards, booking and registration forms, and access to employee information and training.


Meeting/Conference Rooms

Set up rooms designed for hybrid working. Seamlessly engage your team members from anywhere in the world via wireless collaboration hardwares such as Mersive, Airtame, Screenbeam and Barco Clickshare.

Digital Notice Boards

Engage with your team by providing up to date, and centrally managed notices across office spaces in multiple locations. Provide key safety information and staff motivations to keep your team in the know.


Free Standing Totems

Versatile displays that can be maneuvered and placed in key locations depending on their use case; welcome guests or new staff members, direct people in the right direction, or celebrate a company milestone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can absolutely utilise digital signage in your office space to enhance communication, engagement, and overall efficiency. Digital signage provides a dynamic and versatile platform for sharing information, announcements, and updates in a visually appealing manner. Whether it’s displaying company news, event schedules, or welcoming messages in reception areas, digital signage is a powerful tool for keeping employees informed.

Moreover, digital signage can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to showcase corporate branding, culture, and values. It offers a flexible solution for adapting content in real-time, ensuring that your messages remain relevant and impactful. With easy-to-use content management systems, even those without technical expertise can efficiently control and schedule content across different screens within the office.

Beyond basic communication, digital signage can be leveraged for employee recognition, highlighting achievements, and promoting a positive workplace culture. Additionally, it serves as an interactive tool for training sessions, workshops, and internal events, enhancing the overall employee experience.

Corporate businesses can receive multiple benefits from incorporating digital signage into their office space. One of the primary advantages is enhanced communication efficiency. Digital signage provides a dynamic platform to disseminate real-time information, announcements, and updates across different departments and office locations. This fosters a more informed and engaged workforce.

Digital signage contributes to strengthening corporate branding. Companies can showcase their brand identity consistently across multiple screens, reinforcing a unified and professional image. This not only boosts brand visibility but also shows a sense of trust and credibility among clients, partners, and employees.

The flexibility of digital signage is another key benefit for corporate businesses. It allows for easy customization and adaptation of content, ensuring that messages remain relevant and timely. Whether it’s displaying sales figures, company achievements, or promoting internal initiatives, digital signage provides a versatile platform to convey various types of information.

Employee engagement is significantly enhanced through the interactive and visually appealing nature of digital signage. It can be used to recognize employee achievements, share success stories, and promote team-building activities, contributing to a positive corporate culture.

Improving employee engagement with digital signage is a strategic approach that can transform workplace communication and morale. Firstly, digital signage provides a dynamic platform to showcase employee achievements, recognition, and success stories. By spotlighting individual and team accomplishments, it fosters a positive work culture and boosts morale, creating a sense of pride and accomplishment among employees.

Additionally, digital signage enables real-time communication of important updates, company news, and event announcements, keeping employees informed and engaged. This transparency enhances trust and a sense of belonging, as employees feel connected to the organisation’s happenings and objectives.

Using interactive features on digital signage can enhance employee participation. Incorporating polls, surveys, or interactive displays encourages active involvement, allowing employees to voice their opinions and contribute to decision-making processes. This not only strengthens engagement but also fosters a more inclusive workplace environment.

Customization and personalization of content are crucial elements in improving engagement. Tailoring messages to specific teams or departments ensures that the information displayed is relevant to each group, enhancing the impact of the communication. Whether it’s showcasing employee-centric content, wellness programs, or career development opportunities, personalised digital signage content resonates more effectively with the workforce.

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