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Digital Signage for Education

Redefine communication, and keep staff and students up-to-date across schools and universities

// Showcase student work by scheduling image and video projects
// Send targeted announcements to specific departments, locations or campuses
// Display live IPTV channels across education campus common areas
// Utilise touch screen displays for interactive maps and wayfinding
// Encourage students at graduations to post content to social walls

Multi-Zone Layouts

Utilise the space on your education digital signage screens by using multi-zone layouts in order to maximise engagement. By splitting your screens to sections, you can show more at one time including news updates, announcements, weather and videos.


RSS Feeds & IPTV

Display dynamic content such as news updates tailored to the education sector in order to keep students and faculty staff informed of what is happening in the world in real-time.

Also showcase live TV channels in communal areas and reception to keep people engaged with current news and events.

Live Announcements

In education, it is important to ensure announcements are seen by those who they are intended for. With digital signage, showing announcements has never been easier to show time-sensitive messages or emergency alerts. You can be sure that messages will be conveyed in an engaging and prompt manner.



Weather information is essential for education institutions, especially when planning outdoor activities. With our weather feature, keep your education faculty informed of real-time weather conditions to make it easier than ever to plan their schedules for the day.

Remote Device Management

Enable administrators to remotely monitor and control displays across education locations, ensuring that your hardware is up-to-date without the need for on-site maintenance. Whether you need to adjust settings on a digital screen, run updates or turn the power off, RDM allows you to have total control remotely.



Utilise webpages on your digital signage to show certain websites to students and staff members. Whether it is education web content, class schedules or event calendars, this feature promotes easy access to relevant information, enhancing the overall communication within educational institutions.

Google Workspace

Integration with Google Workspace is beneficial for education institutions using Google’s productivity tools. This enables seamless access to Google Calendar, Google Drive and other Google services, allowing schools to display class schedules, share documents and promote collaborative learning.


Social Media

Social media integration is a powerful tool that can display real-time social feeds, allowing screens in education centres to showcase student and guest uploaded content on open days graduation ceremonies. Posts can be curated and approved within the NowSignage platform.

Boost engagement at graduation ceremonies, and open days with social walls allowing guests to populate your screens for you!

Digital Menu Boards

Update and manage canteen menus in universities and schools and prices using digital menu boards. Keep pricing consistent across campus and easily update products for different meal times, or days.


Freestanding Totems

A versatile signage solution that can easily be maneuvered into entrances, hallways, lecture theaters and ceremony halls. Often used for wayfinding, targeted messaged, visitor notices and advertising.

Touchscreen Displays

Use touch displays to show education webpages that will enable staff/students to sign in as well as access services such as the library and equipment bookings.


LCD/LED Displays

NowSignage’s hardware agnostic approach means you can centrally manage the content you show on existing screens across education campuses.

Check our hardware partners to see which works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Digital signage is an innovative and versatile solution for schools seeking effective communication channels. By leveraging digital displays strategically placed across campuses, educational institutions can enhance engagement, disseminate information efficiently, and foster a dynamic learning environment.

Implementing digital signage at schools offers multifaceted benefits. It enables seamless sharing of announcements, event schedules, emergency alerts, and educational content, captivating the attention of students, staff, and visitors. These displays can be utilised for showcasing achievements, promoting extracurricular activities, and reinforcing school spirit through vibrant visuals and interactive elements.

Digital signage allows for real-time updates, ensuring timely information dissemination and adaptability to evolving circumstances. Its flexibility in content delivery accommodates diverse communication needs, making it an invaluable tool for schools aiming to modernise their communication infrastructure.

When considering digital signage for educational settings, factors like content management systems, display placement, scalability, and integration with existing technology are crucial for a successful implementation. Leveraging digital signage optimally contributes to a tech-savvy environment, fostering engagement and streamlining communication for a more connected and informed school community.

Certainly! Digital signage is an exceptional solution for wayfinding purposes, offering dynamic and interactive navigation assistance in various environments. Its benefits extend to enhancing visitor experiences in complex spaces like campuses, hospitals, malls, and transportation hubs.

Digital signage for wayfinding provides real-time directions and information, guiding users efficiently to their destinations. Through interactive maps and intuitive interfaces, it simplifies navigation, reducing confusion and improving visitor satisfaction.

These displays are customizable and adaptable, allowing for easy updates on routes, points of interest, and event-specific information. They offer multi-language support and accessibility features, catering to diverse user needs.

Implementing digital wayfinding signage involves considerations such as display placement, content design for optimal user experience, and integration with existing infrastructure. These displays significantly improve visitor orientation and reduce the need for additional staff assistance, making them a cost-effective solution for efficient wayfinding in complex spaces.

The most cost-effective way to install digital signage on a campus involves several considerations to maximise efficiency while minimising expenses. Firstly, opt for scalable solutions that allow gradual implementation across high-traffic areas or critical points, gradually expanding as needed. Consider cloud-based digital signage systems that offer flexibility in content management and ease of updates without heavy infrastructure costs.

Utilise existing infrastructure where possible, repurposing screens or displays already available across the campus to reduce initial investment. Additionally, consider partnerships or sponsorships that could offset costs; businesses or organisations might be interested in advertising or supporting displays in exchange for exposure.

Choose cost-effective hardware without compromising quality. Look for reliable yet affordable displays suitable for the intended environment. Centralise content creation and management to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure cohesive messaging.

Consider open-source or free digital signage software options available in the market, as they might provide essential functionalities without the burden of subscription fees or high licensing costs.

Lastly, plan for future expansion and maintenance costs. Implement a strategy for regular maintenance and updates to prevent unexpected expenses in the long run.

By strategizing around scalability, utilising existing infrastructure, exploring partnerships, choosing cost-effective hardware and software, and planning for maintenance, a campus can implement digital signage in a cost-efficient manner while maximising its impact on communication and engagement.

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