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Remotely control your hardware’s power settings and app updates.

Remote Device Management (RDM) is a powerful feature offered by NowSignage. RDM enables users to efficiently control various aspects of supported hardware directly through the web platform. With this capability, users can remotely manage their digital signage devices without the need for physical access. This includes the ability to install updates, adjust screen brightness, reboot, and set device on/off timers for your displays.

Remote Device Management

RDM can benefit businesses working towards achieving green credentials.

With this feature enabling users to control their devices remotely, this means businesses can reduce the energy consumption of their signage by altering settings and turning displays off when they are not needed.

Remote Device Management
Remote Device Management

Remote Device Management is currently supported on select devices.

These include Samsung Tizen, and Vestel Android system-on-chip displays. Different hardware options will support different RDM functions, so please contact our team to discuss the best option for your network. All Android media-players and system-on-chip displays support remote updates for the NowSignage app.

NowSignage runs alongside third-party RDM apps for more complex functionality.

Whilst the Remote Device Management feature is perfect for basic screen management needs, NowSignage can seamlessly integrate with more complex third-party RDM software. Popular options include SignageOS and TeamViewer, as well as those offered by hardware manufacturers such as Amino Orchestrate, and Samsung RM Server.

Remote Device Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote device management enables efficient monitoring, control, and maintenance of digital signage displays from a centralised location. It allows administrators to remotely access and manage multiple displays, perform updates, troubleshoot issues, and schedule content changes without physically being present at each location. This capability streamlines operations, reduces downtime, ensures content consistency, and optimises the overall performance of digital signage networks.

Implementing remote device management in digital signage involves several critical considerations. Firstly, selecting robust and secure management platforms that offer comprehensive control over a diverse range of devices and networks is crucial. Secondly, ensuring seamless integration with content management systems and software solutions to facilitate remote updates, monitoring, and troubleshooting simplifies management tasks. Additionally, prioritising security measures, such as encrypted connections and access controls, protects against unauthorised access and data breaches when managing devices remotely.

The integration of remote device management significantly impacts maintenance and efficiency by enabling proactive monitoring and swift issue resolution. Remote management tools allow administrators to monitor device health, detect potential issues, and perform diagnostics or updates remotely, minimising downtime and disruptions. This proactive approach to maintenance enhances the reliability and uptime of digital signage displays. Moreover, the ability to manage multiple displays from a centralised location streamlines operations, reduces manual intervention, and optimises resource utilisation, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of digital signage networks.

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