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Full Access to Self-Help Video-Guides

All NowSignage users have full access to our platform Knowledgebase. Within this, you can access a wide range of self-help video-guides which provide training on how to use our CMS and how to install our app on a variety of hardware.

Users can also use our Knowledgebase to log any support ticket requests and check for any status updates of their support tickets.

Platform User-Guides

Each area & feature of the NowSignage CMS has been fully broken down into bitesize guides within our Knowledgebase. Therefore, whether you’d like to know how to access our Microsoft Power BI feature or even how to simply create a loop of content, you can be confident that there will be a full guide to walk you through it!

User Guides
User Guides

App Installation Guides

The NowSignage App is simple to install on various forms of hardware, whether that be an Android SoC Display or a Windows Media Player. We provide you with full detailed installation manuals for installing our app on a wide variety of hardware.

Once our app is installed, it’s as simple as entering in your unique screen PIN and then your screens are good to go!

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