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Display targeted content that directly relates to your audience

Identify features of customers approaching a sensor. NowSignage utilises the functions of audience measurement and engagement platform Quividi to do this. The NowSignage platform can then take this data and trigger content appropriate for the customer who has approached the sensor. The technology can detect the age, gender and even the emotion of a person. All of these attributes can then be used to trigger targeted content.

Age & Gender Triggers

Change up advertising depending on who is looking at the screen.

NowSignage can trigger changes to the advertised content on a screen in real-time. Create playlists of content for different demographics of customers and allow NowSignage’s integration with Quvidi automatically switch between them as different people enter the store. A hipster with a beard is viewing the screen, sell him a beard grooming kit!

Age & Gender Triggers
Age & Gender Triggers

Measure audience per content analytics.

We provide real-time APC analysis of exactly who is engaging with your campaigns directly through the NowSignage CMS. This next level of analytical insight, makes it possible for marketeers to understand the effectiveness of their content in correlation to the impact it has on their viewers.