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Display content from across the web on any digital screen using our screen CMS

Whether it’s public transport timetables, live internal dashboards, live weather forecasts or simply your own company website our signage cms will provides a plethora of rich content sources that are readily available for use in your digital signage.

Simply select a compatible website that you’d like to display on your digital signage and then schedule it to appear on any screen within your digital signage network in seconds.


Show websites via digital signage

Web pages can be displayed in just two clicks; one to cut and one to paste!

Simply take the URL of the site in question and put it into our super-simple upload tool and select how long you want it shown. Done!

Many users use our platform to display detailed weather information from sites such as This can of course be displayed alongside your other traditional signage with our multi-zone display feature.


Touch Enabled ‘out of the box’

Because NowSignage is touch enabled, it means your audience can physically interact with web pages on your digital signage screens.

Totems or tablets in public areas can display advertising or signage when not in use. When a user touches the screen they are then able to navigate through websites of your choice.

“Digital signage enables our business to better communicate a wide array of marketing communications and sales metrics as web dashboards across our 52 office locations throughout the UK and internationally.”

Rebekah Valero-Lee, Head of Marketing at Morson Group

Display data from third party sites

By simply cutting and pasting a URL into our simple upload tool, you are able to display content from any number of third party sites such as your CRM provider.

Users are able display spreadsheets, presentations and data via any website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating webpages into digital signage expands the content possibilities, enabling businesses to showcase dynamic and interactive content beyond traditional static images or videos. Webpages on digital signage allow for real-time updates of web content, such as news feeds, social media feeds, or live webpages, offering fresh and relevant information to viewers. This integration enhances engagement by providing interactive elements, enabling users to interact with web-based applications, forms, or live web content, creating a more immersive experience. Moreover, displaying webpages on digital signage serves as a bridge between online and offline interactions, connecting customers to a business’s online presence while they are physically present in a store, venue, or public space.

Integrating webpages into digital signage requires careful planning and consideration of several factors. Firstly, ensuring compatibility and responsiveness of web content across various screen sizes and resolutions is crucial for a seamless display. Secondly, evaluating the usability and readability of web content when viewed from a distance or in different lighting conditions aids in optimising the viewer experience. Additionally, securing stable internet connectivity and considering potential security implications to prevent unauthorised access or vulnerabilities in displaying web-based content is vital for a secure integration process.

Integrating webpages into digital signage elevates audience engagement by offering dynamic and interactive content experiences. The integration allows viewers to interact with live web content, explore web applications, or engage with social media feeds, fostering increased interaction and immersion. This interactive experience captivates audience attention, encourages participation, and extends the dwell time, as viewers engage with the displayed web content. Moreover, leveraging real-time web updates ensures that the displayed information remains current and relevant, enhancing audience interest and creating a more personalised experience for viewers interacting with web-based content on digital signage displays.

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