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Digital Signage for Healthcare

Make a difference with engaging content and information to reach your patients and visitors

// Replace printed posters with digital noticeboards in waiting areas
// Navigate buildings with interactive digital wayfinding
// Display waiting times and queue information across healthcare
// Utilise content triggers to promote targeted health information
// Give staff access to update screens in real time


Communicating with patients and visitors within a hospital or clinic is essential and digital signage allows you to do this efficiently and at ease. Add instant messaging to your screens, or schedule them for specified time. This can be patient information, health and safety messaging or visiting hours.


Healthcare Webpages

Integrating webpages with digital signage screens can be a great way to show further information to patients and visitors directly from your website. This can include health resources, doctor profiles, secure dashboards, and updates to keep everyone informed.


IPTV in healthcare settings can provide patients with access to TV channels during their hospital visits in communal areas.
This feature can help alleviate boredom during long waiting times and contribute to a more comfortable and pleasant experience.


Touch Hotspots

Use touchscreens to help patients access educational information about treatments and diagnoses. Provide valuable tools to patients such as appointment check-ins, surveys, and wayfinding maps, all at their fingertips.

Secure Dashboards & Power BI

Display real-time patient information and data on wards and in back offices on digital displays. You can be confident that there is no risk of credentials stored on your digital screens, as it is all done through our secure CMS. NowSignage also has full API integration with Microsoft Power BI.



Scheduling content is an essential part of maximising the use of digital signage and our scheduling feature is the easiest to use on the market. Show the content you want and when and how frequently this will be shown.

OnDemand - Mobile Signage Triggers

Whether it is an emergency announcement or you quickly need to change the content on a digital screen, OnDemand allows you to do so on any mobile device. This gives authorised users access to show what content or messaging is needed to any screen, any time.


Image & Video

Using images and videos to communicate with patients can help keep them informed in a visually captivating way. Whether it is for medical information, wellness tips or inspirational stories, digital signage can help these get noticed by patients and visitors.

Digital Noticeboards and Bulletins

Engage patients by providing up to date, and centrally managed notices across healthcare spaces in multiple locations. Save on frequent printing costs, and remove the risk of circulating out of date information.


Video Walls

Combine multiple displays together to create large scale displays in receptions and waiting areas. Ensure your messaging and promotions can be seen by everyone.

Digital Billboards

Promote healthcare messaging and treatments in a digital out-of-home environments.

Utilize proof-of-play to track exactly how long each piece of content has been played for.


Freestanding Totems

An all-in-one digital signage solution that can be placed wherever needed. Update and schedule content changes for vaccination days, walk-in clinics, and visiting hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage proves highly effective in healthcare settings, revolutionising communication, patient care, and operational efficiency. These displays facilitate dynamic and real-time information dissemination, ensuring patients, visitors, and staff receive critical updates, announcements, and instructions promptly.

In waiting areas, digital signage reduces perceived wait times by engaging patients with informative content, entertainment, and health-related tips. It streamlines communication of important health messages, upcoming appointments, and procedural information, enhancing patient experience and satisfaction.

Digital signage serves as a versatile tool for staff communication, displaying schedules, emergency alerts, and relevant news. This improves workflow efficiency and ensures consistent dissemination of vital information among healthcare professionals.

Moreover, these displays enable interactive wayfinding, guiding patients and visitors to their destinations within the facility. Integration with scheduling systems allows for automatic updates of appointment schedules and room availability, minimising confusion and improving efficiency.

In addition, digital signage in healthcare can provide education on wellness initiatives, preventive care, and health awareness campaigns, empowering patients to take charge of their health.

By leveraging digital signage for effective communication, patient engagement, staff coordination, wayfinding, and health education, healthcare facilities enhance overall operations, patient satisfaction, and quality of care.

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