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Configure content to play in synchronisation across your screen network

Many of our Digital Out of Home (DOOH) clients, particularly those who are displaying paid advertisements, require the ability to demonstrate whether or not a particular piece of content has been displayed, on what screens and for how long.

NowSignage allows users to pull off reports. Unlike other CMS providers, and like with all of our premium features, NowSignage provides Proof of Play at no extra cost.

Proof of Play

Know if your media has been played and how many times

Our proof of play feature allows our users to have total visibility of exactly when and where any particular asset was displayed and for precisely how long.

This feature monitors and report on two key proof-of-play requirements:

  1. ASSETS – How many times, what duration, and where a specific asset has been played.
  2. SCREENS – The uptime of a screen and exactly what assets have been played on a specific screen.
Proof of Play
Proof of Play

Advanced Reporting

NowSignage allows users to pull off a variety of reports based upon such parameters as location, asset type, individual screens or groups of screens. Reports can be exported directly from the CMS and downloaded as a CSV file.

You also have full access to our advanced analytics area where you can generate data- driven charts/graphs based on a specific date or time range. All this data is securely stored within NowSignage and can be accessed with ease in a user friendly format.

Proof of Play

“We spend a lot of time & money to deliver new content, only to realise it’s out of date by the time it reaches our stores. NowSignage is a game changer to deliver content to our customers at a time and place that’s right for us.”

Patrick Cumiskey, Marketing Manager at NOVOMATIC Group

Always working & always secure

Our platform’s infrastructure is hosted via Amazon’s AWS, in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) so you can be confident that your proof of play data is fully secure. All data sent to the screens is encrypted and fingerprinted against known assets.

The use of a VPC essentially mitigates the risk of a third party being able to exfiltrate data from our databases or asset library storage through the public internet.

Proof of Play
Proof of Play

Free of charge

Yes, that’s right, free.

Unlike other providers, Proof of Play is available to ALL NowSignage users at no additional cost, and it always will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proof of Play serves as a crucial analytics tool, providing valuable insights into the performance and effectiveness of content displayed on digital signage. It tracks and records when, where, and for how long specific content is played, offering comprehensive data on audience engagement. This data helps businesses assess the success of their marketing strategies, allowing them to measure the impact of content in real-time. By understanding which content attracts more attention, businesses can optimise future campaigns, tailor content to specific demographics, and make informed decisions to enhance overall ROI.

Leveraging Proof of Play analytics involves more than just monitoring content playtime. It requires a comprehensive analysis of data collected to gain actionable insights. Businesses can identify peak engagement times, popular content, and underperforming displays. This information aids in refining content strategies, optimising scheduling to target high-traffic periods, and adjusting content placement to maximise visibility and impact. Additionally, Proof of Play analytics can validate the effectiveness of marketing efforts, assisting in demonstrating ROI to stakeholders and supporting data-driven decision-making processes.

To make the most of Proof of Play data, businesses should establish clear objectives and KPIs beforehand, enabling them to measure success accurately. Regularly analysing and interpreting data trends allows for timely adjustments to content strategies. Implementing A/B testing with different content variations helps determine which performs best, optimising content for maximum impact. Integrating Proof of Play data with other metrics, such as demographics or sales data, provides a holistic view of audience behaviour, enabling more informed marketing strategies and content creation decisions. Continuous refinement based on these insights is key to improving overall performance and ROI in digital signage endeavours.

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