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Start sculpting a healthy community with digital signage

// Display gym exercise class schedules and real-time updates

// Schedule video demonstrations of exercises

// Utilise IPTV to keep your gym’s members entertained

// Generate additional revenue stream via selling third party ad spaces

// Use social media integration to show trending fitness content


Image & Video

Utilising images and videos on digital signage is instrumental for showcasing workout routines, fitness videos and training exercises. This allows for fitness centres to visually motivate their members, making it easier for them to achieve their fitness goals.



By integrating YouTube to your digital signage, this makes it easier than ever to access a vast library of videos and fitness content direct from your YouTube channel. Stream workout tutorials in your gym or show trending content to enhance the overall experience for members.

Social Media

Stay connected with members and increase engagement within your fitness centre by integrating social media to your digital signage screens. With real-time social media feeds, you can showcase user-generated content to help foster a sense of community.


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IPTV enables you to broadcast live TV channels from your gym’s screens at ease. This feature is particularly useful in cardio areas and lounges to allow members to stay entertained while working out, waiting for a class or socialising after a work-out.

RSS News

Keep your members informed with current news with the RSS News feature by tailoring news feeds to fitness news and top stories. By integrating this feature with your gym’s digital signage screens, your fitness centre can provide valuable information that keeps members informed.



Whether you need to convey important information or membership updates, announcements make it easier to tailor any messaging when you need to communicate with members. This feature ensures that members are well informed at all times.

Multi-Zone Layouts

By using multi-zone layouts, you can maximise the use of your digital screens by showing more in different sections of your screens. For example, showcase workout instructions in one zone, social media content in another, show announcements in yet another, offering an engaging experience for your gym.


Age & Gender Triggers

This advanced feature allows you to personalise content based on members’ demographics. By utilising this feature, your digital signage screen will trigger content that has been pre-assigned for the specific age and gender bracket. This is a unique way to use targeted and relevant advertisements.

Freestanding Totems

Advertise fitness promotions and events in targeted spaces. Freestanding totems are a great solution for gyms that want to move and place their signage in different locations depending on the use case.


LCD Displays

Control content across networks of LCD screens using NowSignage. Walls featuring multiple screens can be synced together to ensure they change in time.

Touch Displays

Allow members to log their activities, or check in to scheduled classes. Touch displays are also a great solution for gathering feedback from visitors through online forms.


Window Displays

Make sure anyone passing past your business is aware of the services you offer. Create dynamic and engaging image and video promotions to display in your windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incorporating digital signage in fitness centres revolutionises member engagement and facility management. These dynamic displays offer a powerful platform to inform, motivate, and entertain gym-goers while optimising operational efficiency.

Digital signage transforms fitness centres into immersive spaces by showcasing class schedules, workout tips, and promotional offers in real time. It serves as a conduit for disseminating health and wellness information, motivating members through goal-oriented content, and providing updates on facility amenities and events.

The versatility of digital signage allows fitness centres to display dynamic content such as exercise tutorials, nutrition tips, success stories, and live workout feeds. This not only enhances the member experience but also reinforces the centre’s brand and values.

Strategic placement of displays in key areas like reception, workout zones, and locker rooms ensures maximum visibility and engagement. Integration with scheduling software and social media feeds enables seamless updates, keeping members informed and connected.

Digital signage streamlines internal operations by facilitating staff communication, promoting upsells, and reducing perceived wait times through entertaining content.

When implementing digital signage in fitness centres, considerations include display placement for optimal visibility, content relevance to target audiences, and seamless integration with existing technology for a cohesive member experience. Embracing digital signage elevates fitness centres into tech-savvy hubs, enhancing member satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Streaming fitness workouts onto screens via live feeds involves integrating various technologies, notably IPTV, YouTube, and webpages, to create an engaging and seamless experience for viewers in fitness centres.

IPTV integration allows fitness centres to broadcast live fitness sessions directly onto screens, ensuring high-quality streaming and minimal latency. By leveraging IPTV solutions, such as dedicated channels or streaming services, centres can curate and schedule live workout sessions efficiently, catering to diverse preferences and fitness levels.

YouTube integration serves as a valuable resource for accessing a vast library of fitness content. By linking YouTube channels or playlists to screens, fitness centres can stream pre-recorded workouts or live sessions, offering variety and flexibility to members. Integration with YouTube provides access to renowned trainers and a wide range of workout styles, enriching the fitness experience.

Additionally, webpages integration enables the live streaming of workouts from specific websites or platforms onto screens. By displaying live web content, fitness centres can feature sessions from their website or partner platforms, providing a personalised and curated fitness experience.

For optimal integration, fitness centres should consider employing digital signage software capable of supporting IPTV, YouTube, and webpage integrations. Customizable scheduling features allow centres to create playlists or schedules that seamlessly switch between live streams, YouTube videos, and webpage content, enhancing engagement and variety for members.

Implementing these integrations requires compatible hardware, reliable internet connectivity, and user-friendly software interfaces to manage and switch between various streaming sources effectively. By amalgamating IPTV, YouTube, and webpage integrations, fitness centres can create a dynamic and immersive workout environment for their members, fostering engagement and satisfaction.

Displaying class schedules and announcements at a gym can be efficiently accomplished through the implementation of digital signage solutions. These displays offer a dynamic and effective way to communicate schedules, announcements, and updates to gym members.

Utilise digital signage software that allows easy scheduling and content management. This enables timely updates of class schedules, instructor changes, and upcoming events, ensuring accurate information for members.

Strategically place screens in high-traffic areas like reception desks, workout zones, or near equipment to maximise visibility. Incorporate eye-catching visuals and intuitive layouts to attract attention and ensure information is easily digestible.

Integrate digital signage with scheduling software or calendars to automate updates. This ensures that any changes or additions to class schedules are promptly reflected on the displays, minimising confusion among gym-goers.

Consider interactive digital signage options that allow members to view schedules, sign up for classes, or receive notifications about special events or promotions, enhancing member engagement.

Invest in user-friendly digital signage hardware and software to facilitate easy content updates and management by gym staff, reducing maintenance costs and streamlining operations.

By leveraging digital signage with intuitive content, strategic placement, integration with scheduling systems, interactivity, and user-friendly technology, gyms can effectively showcase class schedules and announcements, enhancing communication with members and improving their overall gym experience.

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