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Digital Signage for Industry

Effective communication with staff has never been easier, more affordable and as easily scalable as it is with NowSignage.

NowSignage allows you to publish important business KPIs, HSE messaging, live announcements and real-time data broadcasts to your factory floors alongside all of our other premium features.


Back office comms

Use multi-zone layouts to display important internal comms and live news through IPTV, RSS feeds, weather and traffic NowSignage also has integrations with many third parties such as Microsoft and Google “G Suite” such as Sheets, Maps and Docs) which all makes communication with key stakeholders via digital signage easier than ever before.

Using our class-leading Multi Zone Layouts, you are able to communicate with specific people or teams alongside your traditional digital signage.


Control rooms and distribution centres

With tools such as our Microsoft Power BI integration for digital signage, you are able to broadcast real-time dashboards and information directly to your distribution centres and control rooms, ensuring your staff are always kept well-informed.

You can even display real-time, local traffic information on-screens when it gets near to the end of the day, so that none of your staff get caught out by those temporary lights on the high street ever again!


“By automating the operational aspects of your digital signage, NowSignage allows you to focus on displaying quality content that boost signage performance and communicates your messages.”

Tom Ross, Commercial Director

Touch screen enabled

NowSignage is touch enabled “out of the box”, so if you have the appropriate touch-enabled hardware, users are able to instantly drill down and extract data from web-based dashboards or even applications such as Microsoft Power BI.

Our Power BI add-on allows users to interact fully with their BI reports via their touch-enabled displays with the ability to zoom in and out, adjust and filter reports in real-time. This allows for a fully interactive digital signage experience throughout your manufacturing plants.


Health and safety

As well as real-time announcements and updates, NowSignage has a number of free-to-use applications to help maintain the wellbeing and safety of your workforce, such as our digital hand sanitiser application.

This app utilises cutting edge integrations with leading third party technologies to provide you with robust and reliable solutions. Our free-to-use application allows users to set parameters on all of their digital hand sanitiser machines across their estate. Setting this up takes seconds, and once done can be used to trigger refill alerts and notifications to whomever is tasked with maintaining the device.


Capacity management

NowSignage has collaborated with leading technology partners to provide an effective way to manage industrial workplace capacity during and after the Covid19 crisis.

Maintaining social distancing regulations is made simple by activating our free capacity management app to display real-time capacity data on your digital signage screens in any given location. You can even display the live capacity alongside company health & safety messaging or announcements within a multi-zone layout.


Hardware agnostic

We became a little tired of seeing CMS providers essentially forcing users to purchase a particular piece of hardware or media player in order to merely get their software to work!

We also know that industrial environments often require hardware that can operate in extreme conditions, so often factories will have a diverse range of differing brands and specifications.

So, 2019 NowSignage became the very first digital signage CMS to become genuinely hardware-agnostic through a single codebase, so NowSignage should simply work.

Cost effective

In our experience, our industrial clients tend to get most use from premium features such as IPTV, Power BI reports, G Suite and social media integrations.

As such, we made a decision some time ago that we will never charge any additional fees for such features. Everything is included within your license fee and always will be.