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Digital Signage for Industrial

Transform factories, warehouses and distribution centres to increase productivity with digital signage

// Display safety alerts and instructions to workers in real-time
// Manage and update large networks of screens from one location
// Securely display Microsoft Power BI dashboards
// Provide staff training through a touch hotspot
// Use content triggers to send real-time alerts based on sensors


Multi-Zone Layouts

Pair different types of content together on one screen with a fully customizable layout. Industrial use cases include displaying web-based dashboards alongside staff rotas and health and safety information. These zones can each run as their own playlist meaning you can have full control of how content cycles on your displays.


Microsoft Power BI

Display key performance indicators and operational metrics to workers through our Microsoft Power BI feature. By incorporating these dashboards, industrial facilities can monitor production, quality control and performance, enabling data-driven decisions.

Google Traffic

Google Traffic integration aids in logistics and transportation information within this sector. Companies can display real-time traffic updates and route optimisation information on digital signage screens, ensuring shipments and deliveries are efficient and on schedule.


Secure Dashboards

With the secure dashboards feature, businesses can showcase password-protected information and data without the risk of storing personal information on displays. With secure authorisation through our CMS, users can login to access this data and show it through digital signage screens.

Touch Hotspots

Touch hotspots within the industrial sector offer interactive functionality for employees and visitors. Workers can access important information, interactive floor plans, equipment information which can improve safety, efficiency and engagement on the floor.



Integrating webpages can allow you to display critical information to employees such as safety protocols, training materials and production updates. By incorporating web content, industrial facilities can ensure that employees have access to the latest resources and guidelines.

RSS Feeds

Keep your employees informed about what is going on in the world with RSS feeds. By using this feature, real-time industry news can be broadcast on your digital signage displays to keep workers up-to-date with relevant information.



Announcements in the industrial sector are essential for conveying important messages to employees and visitors, such as safety reminders, shift changes and emergency alerts. This feature helps maintain a well-informed workforce and creates active communication with your team.

Digital Noticeboards

Update teams with data, analytics, staff updates, and company milestones. Screens can be managed centrally by head office, or different departments can be granted access to manage their team’s notices.


Touchscreen displays

Use touch displays to provide a range of content to staff. This can including training videos, health and safety guidance, or updated shift rotas. Touch displays can showcase other content when not in use.

Video Walls

Create large scale displays with multiple screens to feature in entrances, reception areas, and control rooms to display widescreen dashboards.


Freestanding Totems

Use these digital displays to target signage to the areas that need it. Direct guests to certain departments of the warehouse, Announce safety concerns or area closures, and welcome new starters all through the same display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, digital signage significantly enhances communication within factories by providing real-time updates, essential information, and safety protocols to employees across the facility. These displays offer a dynamic platform to relay critical messages, announcements, and operational data efficiently.

Digital signage serves as a visual communication tool that ensures consistency in messaging throughout the factory floor. It can display production targets, safety guidelines, shift schedules, and updates on key performance indicators, fostering a more informed and engaged workforce.

Digital signage enhances emergency communication by swiftly broadcasting alerts or instructions during critical situations, contributing to a safer work environment.

By leveraging digital signage, factories streamline communication between different departments, shifts, and management levels. This ensures that everyone has access to the same information simultaneously, reducing miscommunications and improving overall operational efficiency.

The interactive capabilities of digital signage also facilitate employee engagement, allowing for feedback mechanisms, training modules, and recognition programs, thereby promoting a more connected and motivated workforce.

Implementing digital signage in factories significantly improves communication, collaboration, and safety measures, ultimately enhancing productivity and fostering a more cohesive work environment.

Digital signage plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety communication and operational efficiency in industrial environments by delivering real-time, informative content.

Improving safety communication is paramount. Signage can effectively convey safety protocols, hazard warnings, and emergency procedures, fostering a safer work environment and reducing workplace accidents.

Enhancing operational efficiency is achieved through informative displays. Signage can showcase real-time data, production metrics, or workflow information, enabling employees to make informed decisions and optimise manufacturing processes.

Scalability is crucial for large industrial setups. Cloud-based solutions facilitate easy deployment and updates across multiple locations, ensuring consistent and efficient information dissemination.

Technical reliability guarantees uninterrupted service. Rugged hardware and robust network connections ensure continuous display, supporting effective communication and operational management.

Customised content tailored to operational needs boosts productivity. Dynamic scheduling allows for the timely presentation of maintenance schedules, workflow updates, or training materials, optimising operational processes.

Integrating digital signage in industrial settings significantly enhances safety communication, operational efficiency, and overall workplace effectiveness, fostering a secure and productive work environment.

Implementing digital signage in industrial settings requires careful consideration of safety communication, operational efficiency, scalability, technical resilience, content relevance, and compliance adherence.

Safety communication takes precedence in industrial contexts. Signage must effectively convey safety protocols, hazard warnings, and emergency procedures to ensure a secure work environment for employees. Operational efficiency is crucial. Digital signage can display real-time data, production metrics, or workflow information, optimising processes and enabling informed decision-making on the factory floor.

Scalability is essential for expansive industrial complexes. Cloud-based solutions enable seamless deployment and updates across various locations or manufacturing units, ensuring consistency and cost-effectiveness as the business expands. Technical resilience guarantees uninterrupted service. Robust hardware and network connections prevent disruptions, ensuring continuous display of critical information vital for operations.

Tailoring content to specific operational needs enhances productivity. Dynamic scheduling allows for the timely presentation of maintenance schedules, workflow updates, or training materials, contributing to improved operational processes.

Successful deployment of digital signage in industrial environments hinges on safety prioritisation, operational efficiency, scalability, technical resilience, and targeted content. This approach significantly enhances workplace safety and operational effectiveness in industrial settings.

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