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NowSignage provides the most advanced moderated social media search tool on the market

Our best-in-class, direct integrations with all of the main social media platforms has a huge influence on buying behaviour.

We know that as much as 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on referrals, so a peer-endorsement on social media, displayed via your digital signage network, has never been more important.

Don’t be limited to streaming just your latest posts, find all those great customer posts and broadcast those too!

Social Media

Moderated or auto-published content

NowSignage has developed the most advanced social media search facility on the market anywhere today. The search tool allows you to scour your social channels for relevant content, save that content in an organised folder system, and then publish it to your chosen screens.

You can set various moderation settings and manually publish the best social media content directly to your screens or you can even set this up to automatically publish the latest content for you within an aggregated social media feed.

Social Media
Social Media

Real time social media updates

Within NowSignage, you can search amongst your all social media channels in real time and push this directly onto your screens to ensure that your content is always up to date.

You can even set up a search for a specific Twitter or Instagram hashtag to retrieve the latest customer comments and publish their posts live onto your screens! This will help maximum customer engagement and keep your content vibrant and interactive.

Social Media

“We chose NowSignage as our technology partner because they are widely regarded as being the leaders of experiential installations that deliver engagement between brands and their customers.”

James Mellor, GB Sponsorship & Events Lead at Coca-Cola Enterprises

Fully integrated with the ‘Big 5’

NowSignage has developed direct, single-sign-on API integrations with all 5 of the major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & YouTube. Our integrations are secure, stable and easy to use.

Social Media
Social Media

Fully customisable templates

NowSignage offers users the ability to display social content within fully customisable templates. Templates can be ‘branded’ and personalised as much as you like with access to a full RGB colour picker to create your ideal template.

Don’t have time to create fancy templates? Then simply use one of the many that we have already created for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating social media into digital signage allows for the dynamic display of user-generated content, such as posts, tweets, images, or videos from various social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. This integration bridges the gap between online interactions and physical spaces, enabling businesses to showcase real-time social media engagements, customer feedback, promotions, or user-generated content on digital screens. It creates an interactive and engaging experience, fostering a sense of community and connection between the brand and its audience.

Social media integration adds an interactive and relatable element to digital signage. It amplifies audience engagement by displaying real-time social interactions, encouraging viewers to participate, share, or engage with displayed content. It humanises brands by showcasing user-generated content or customer testimonials, fostering trust and authenticity. Moreover, it allows businesses to promote social media campaigns, hashtags, or events directly on the signage, driving online interactions and expanding the digital reach of campaigns.

To leverage social media effectively in digital signage, businesses should curate and display user-generated content that aligns with their brand values and messaging. Integrating live social media feeds or specific hashtags relevant to the brand or campaign encourages audience participation. Moderating content to ensure appropriateness and relevance maintains a positive brand image. Designing visually appealing layouts that blend social media content seamlessly with other signage information ensures a cohesive and engaging display.

Additionally, analysing social media metrics and user engagement helps optimise content strategies for better resonance and impact on the digital signage audience. Regularly updating content and monitoring interactions aids in keeping the display fresh and engaging for viewers.

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