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Digital Signage for Retail

Enhance customer experiences by making stores more experiential, visually engaging and interactive

// Control dynamic pricing across retail displays and shelf edge signage
// Show off your latest trends with a social media wall
// Receive Proof-of-Play data from in-store brand advertisements
// Allow customers to explore products with interactive displays
// Change content based on demographic, weather and sensor based triggers

Age and Gender Triggers

NowSignage has full integration with Quividi’s audience measurement technology.

Enhance retail experiences by targeting screen content to the customers in the store with age and gender triggers. To demonstrate; if a male hipster in his 20s is looking at your screen, you could set up a trigger to display him a promotion for a beard grooming kit!

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

Remote Device Management

Control the hardware functions of all your retail screens remotely from a central location.

This can be useful for powering down displays when stores are closed, and for installing app updates across large networks. RDM saves the need to send out engineers or leave device management in the hands of staff members.

Dynamic Pricing

This game-changing feature allows you to easily update product pricing in real time.

Whether you are running a special promotion, setting different prices in different retail locations, or wanting to maximise revenue during specific times of the day, dynamic pricing gives the flexibility to ensure prices are easily updated whilst maintaining brand standards.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

OnDemand - Mobile Device Triggers

Perform content takeovers on store screens from a mobile device. 

Use cases include allowing sales reps to trigger different content depending on a customers’ interests, and displaying back of house metrics and dashboards to staff teams.

Content triggers take place instantly from the moment the tap is made on the mobile device.

Image & Video

Utilise digital signage in your retail store by using eye-catching images and videos to showcase your products. NowSignage supports 4K images and videos, with unlimited file hosting on our cloud server at no additional cost.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

Social Media

Social media integration is a powerful tool that can display real-time social feeds, customer reviews and user-generated content across retail stores. This can help build trust amongst your customers and provides an entertaining way of showing your products and brand identity.

Sensor & Weather Triggers

Using the latest sensor technology from Nexmosphere, NowSignage can trigger targeted content specific to products held by customers, to display relevant promotions, product specifications, or demo videos.

You can also trigger relevant content to a retail screen based on the local weather conditions.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

Proof of Play

Our proof of play feature allows users to have total visibility of exactly when and where any asset was displayed and for precisely how long. NowSignage provides full analytics for content being shown on any number of screens, making it easy to provide evidence that an asset has been played as intended.

Point of Sale

NowSignage power an in-store retail network of PoS screens in Gift Card Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) across 50 Sainsbury’s sites, with plans to roll-out to over 500 UK sites in the near future.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

Stretch Display

PoS network of several hundred stretch displays across brands such as Bens Original and Wrigley’s Extra, driving instore brand marketing. These utilise Proof of Play to monitor asset playback and Screen Sync to enhance dynamic impact.

End of Aisle Display Units

End-of-Aisle stretch and standard format displays built into free-standing display units in supermarket retail stores. An advertising project run by Coca Cola across 70 key UK sites.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

Interactive Touchscreen

Point of sale touch displays across Sainsbury’s Beers, Wines, and Spirits retail aisles. Increasing customer engagement through interactive displays providing product recommendations based
on flavor profile input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing digital signage in retail demands considerations for customer engagement, brand messaging, scalability, technical reliability, content relevance, and data-driven optimization. Customer engagement is key. Signage should captivate shoppers with compelling content, promotions, and product information, encouraging interaction and purchase decisions.

Brand messaging consistency is crucial. Signage should align with the brand identity while allowing flexibility for localised promotions or specific product highlights.

Scalability is essential for retail chains. Cloud-based solutions offer scalability and cost-effectiveness, facilitating updates across multiple stores or locations.

Technical reliability ensures uninterrupted service. Robust hardware and network connections prevent disruptions, ensuring consistent display and customer interaction.

Tailoring content to shopper preferences optimises impact. Dynamic scheduling allows for timely promotions, product launches, or seasonal offers, enhancing relevance and boosting sales.

Successful deployment of digital signage in retail requires a balance between customer engagement, brand messaging, scalability, technical reliability, content relevance, and data-driven optimization. This approach significantly enhances customer experience and boosts sales.

Digital signage plays a pivotal role in elevating customer experience and driving sales in retail by delivering immersive, informative, and persuasive content. Improving customer experience is vital. Signage can showcase product features, promotions, or personalised recommendations, enhancing the shopping journey and facilitating informed purchase decisions.

Driving sales is achieved through impactful messaging. Signage can highlight special offers, limited-time discounts, or new arrivals, prompting impulse buys and increasing sales opportunities.

Scalability ensures consistency across retail chains. Cloud-based solutions facilitate updates and content distribution across multiple stores, ensuring uniformity in messaging and promotions.

Technical reliability guarantees uninterrupted service. Dependable hardware and network connections ensure seamless content delivery, maintaining customer engagement.

Tailored content based on shopper behaviour and preferences maximises relevance. Dynamic scheduling allows for the display of targeted content, increasing the effectiveness of promotions and offers.

Digital signage integration in retail significantly enhances customer experience, drives sales, and optimises promotional strategies, creating a more engaging and profitable retail environment.

Successfully implementing digital signage in retail to boost engagement and sales involves focusing on customer-centricity, brand alignment, customization, technical reliability, content relevance, and data-driven insights.

Customer-centricity is fundamental. Signage should cater to shopper needs, displaying informative product details, promotions, or interactive features, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Aligning with the brand is crucial. Signage must reflect the brand’s identity while allowing flexibility for localised offers or seasonal campaigns, reinforcing brand messaging.

Customization enhances engagement. Cloud-based solutions enable tailored content, ensuring that promotions and product highlights resonate with specific customer segments.

Technical reliability guarantees uninterrupted service. Reliable hardware and network connections prevent disruptions, ensuring continuous content delivery and customer interaction.

Relevance of content is key. Dynamic scheduling ensures the timely display of promotions, sales, or trending products, maximising impact and driving sales. Data-driven insights optimise strategies. Analysing customer behaviour and engagement metrics enables refinement of content and promotional strategies, boosting effectiveness.

Integrating digital signage thoughtfully in retail significantly enhances customer engagement, drives sales, and optimises marketing strategies, resulting in a more interactive and profitable retail experience.

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