Digital Signage for Retail

One of the biggest changes to digital signage in retail over recent years is the growing trend for brands to have fewer stores on the high street. Within their existing stores, brands are focusing more on improving the overall customer experience by making their stores more experiential, visually engaging and interactive. NowSignage has been developed with exactly these trends in mind.

NowSignage allows retailers to get real-time product and social messaging on to the shop floor with the click of a button. The CMS is designed for multi-screen management, therefore, managing a large network of thousands of screens is no more

Digital signage for retail

High Street Windows

Digital window displays are well-proven to drive footfall, brand awareness and, ultimately, increase sales.

NowSignage is deployed in window displays in retailers all over the world on both high-bright and standard displays from all manufacturers.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

In-store point-of-sale

The correlation between in-store advertising and increased sales is well-proven and undeniable.

Digital signage on your shop floor takes promotion and advertising of individual products or lines to a whole new level, with the ability to send real-time, highly-localised and targeted offers and promotions direct to your customers with the click of a button.

Scheduling Marketing Activity

Our scheduling tool is the simplest to use tool on the market today. It allows users to fully automate which content gets shown when, on what screens, and to which demographic you are aiming for.

You can create seasonal campaigns or plan content to be displayed all the way down to individual minutes and hours.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail

“We spend a lot of time & money to deliver new content, only to realise it’s out of date by the time it reaches our stores. NowSignage is a game changer to deliver content to our customers at a time and place that’s right for us.”

Patrick Cumiskey, Marketing Manager at NOVOMATIC Group

Digital signage for retail

Easy to use

We believe that NowSignage is the easiest to use Digital Signage CMS on the market. We are so confident that you will agree, you can try it, for free, for 10 days without restrictions or obligations.

You can be competent with NowSignage in as little as 20-30 mins, so even those without advanced technical skills can manage their own screens, if required.

We will even provide you with an online training session, free of charge.

Capacity Management

NowSignage has collaborated with leading technology partners to provide an effective way to manage in-store capacity during and after the Covid19 crisis. Adherence to social distancing laws and regulations is made simple by displaying real-time capacity data on to your digital signage screens in any given location, all alongside all of our other key features and traditional signage.

Digital signage for retail
Digital signage for retail


NowSignage is used to power digital signage screens, interactive kiosks, video walls and tablets in showrooms all over the world.

We are trusted by the biggest brands that they are able to communicate with customers effectively, in real-time if necessary, as easily as possible.

Shelf Edge

Improve store hygiene and protect your staff by upgrading to digital shelf-edge displays. This new FREE to use feature within NowSignage reduces unnecessary physical contact with pricing labels and Point-Of-Sale (POS) promotions on store shelves by enabling stores to remotely update pricing and sync their displays.

Digital signage for retail