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The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

In the ever-evolving world of digital signage, NowSignage has emerged as a trailblazing force at the ISE 2024 exhibition in Barcelona. A vintage Rolls Royce, restored and transformed into a digital signage canvas, takes centre stage at their stand. Let’s delve into the making of this extraordinary display, understand the driving force behind NowSignage’s unique approach, and explore the construction process that brought this vision to life.

Powering Greatness: The Essence of NowSignage

Founded in 2013, NowSignage has earned its stripes as a multi-award-winning platform with a proprietary CMS known for its simplicity, flexibility, and scalability. The recently adopted tagline, “Powering Greatness,” encapsulates the core ethos of the company – empowering users to achieve exceptional digital signage, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

A Symbol of Flexibility and Transformation

Why a vintage Rolls Royce? This unconventional choice is a bold representation of NowSignage’s commitment to pushing boundaries. The decision to restore a 1950s Rolls Royce and drive it from Manchester to Barcelona wasn’t just about creating a visual spectacle. It was about transforming a seemingly ordinary trailer into a dynamic digital signage canvas, showcasing the company’s passion for turning the mundane into the extraordinary.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

The Construction of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Display

The journey of turning a vintage Rolls Royce into a digital signage masterpiece was no small task. NowSignage embarked on a long process of restoration and innovation to bring this vision to life. The ordinary vehicle that once housed the vintage vehicle underwent a radical transformation, becoming a canvas for digital storytelling.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

The construction involved integrating LED screens seamlessly into the structure of the Rolls Royce. The challenge was not just about the technical intricacies but also about preserving the aesthetics of the iconic vehicle. The team at NowSignage worked closely with experts in both automotive restoration and digital display technology to ensure a harmonious blend of classic elegance and cutting-edge innovation.

Special attention was given to the wiring and connectivity, ensuring that the digital displays worked in perfect synchronisation. The result is a Rolls Royce that not only retains its vintage charm but also serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing NowSignage’s digital signage capabilities.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

A Shared Heritage with Rolls Royce

Beyond the visual spectacle, NowSignage shares a deeper connection with Rolls Royce. Both entities hail from Manchester, UK, and are recognized as technology innovators. This synergy further strengthens the link between engineering prowess and the delivery of best-in-class products to a global market.

Unveiling Power on Wheels: Scenes and Features

Approaching NowSignage’s stand in Hall 6, visitors are greeted by the vintage Rolls Royce, now a dynamic digital signage masterpiece. The scenes displayed on the vehicle highlight industry-leading enterprise features, showcasing the platform’s capabilities. From Screen Sync to Dynamic Pricing, Artificial Intelligence, Content Triggers, and Proof-of-Play – each feature not only demonstrates NowSignage’s prowess but also emphasises compatibility across diverse hardware and industry verticals.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

Collaboration with Industry Leaders: Partnerships that Power Greatness

To bring this unique concept to life, NowSignage collaborates with industry giants such as Amino, Bluefin, BrightSign, B Tech, Giada, LED Studio, Samsung, and Sony. This collaboration goes beyond the exhibition, emphasising the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity in the digital signage landscape.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

Remembering the Bold Move

As the ISE 2024 exhibition unfolds, NowSignage’s daring venture of driving a vintage Rolls Royce to Barcelona and transforming it into a digital signage display becomes more than a spectacle – it’s a statement. It symbolises a commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and consistently powering greatness in the digital signage landscape. In your journey into the world of digital signage, NowSignage stands out as the bold team that drove a vintage Rolls Royce to Barcelona and parked it on their stand.

The Making of the Rolls Royce Digital Signage Car

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