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Digital Signage for social media revenues

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Social media walls are becoming increasingly influential in the Digital age; however the question still remains revenues… what content is best suited to be broadcasted onto the screens; what are the benefits; and how can you, the event organiser, see a tangible Retu of Investment? Benefits Why not take advantage of having a social media digital […]

Live social media feed on website

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The integration of a Web Scoop can add a Live social media feed on website transform the visitor interaction with your website, maximise the effects of your marketing activity and provide real-time social testimonials about your live event or campaign… while also having a massive impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A live social media […]

Live social media feed for events

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A live social media feed for events increases crowd engagement. They allow attendants to generate content, such as images, comments, Jpg ads, etc., onto screens at an event. By searching across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can discover hashtags and/or relevant keywords relating to specific events occurring around the globe at the touch of a button. […]