Product overview: 'NowSignage for websites'

1/02/2018 by Nick Johnson

NowSignage for websites

Based on the highly successful EventBeat WebScoop platform ‘NowSignage for websites’ will be our latest addition to the NowSignage product suite from 3rd April 2018.


‘NowSignage for websites’ aggregates social media and news content from across the web and then publishes it into visually stunning focal points throughout your website. Our powerful publishing platform will enable you to improve credibility, confidence and engagement with your customers. It does this by automatically publishing or manually moderating relevant industry specific news to your sector pages, customer reviews to your product pages, or dynamic social media posts to your homepage.


Our platform allows you to cherry-pick the best content from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and any rss news feed. Meaning that you’ll be able to find pretty much any content relating to you or your brand from across the web.


Another beauty of ‘NowSignage for websites’ is the simplicity that it can be integrated into your website. Simply pick a template style, apply your brand colours and then drop the embed code into where you’d like our feed to appear in your website.  


Why not get started today with our free version and upgrade as you implement more feeds into multiple webpages throughout your website :)


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