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NowSignage – Benefits of a Web Scoop

A great way of increasing your brand recognition is through the implementation of a Benefits of a Web Scoop, as it can seamlessly slot into any of the pages on your website to suit your requirements. Improving your social proof can also allow inbound marketing to drive new sales. Content on social media that you’re […]

TEDxOxbridge 2015 “Ideas to Impact”

TED digital signage

The Säid Business School at the University of Oxford was the perfect venue for the TEDxOxbridge 2015 event on Saturday 6th June. This year’s theme was ‘Ideas to Impact’, focussing on how concepts can be simplified in order to aid the development and progression of an idea that can have  real impact and cause potential […]

Digital Signage – Permanent screens

The three core products of NowSignage can all perform as digital social signage components as the Screen Cast, Smart Poll, and Web Scoop can work well in an office or retail environment. A Web Scoop, for example, cherry-picks the greatest images and comments from across all of the social networks to reinforce all of the […]