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Universities benefit from digital signage

Universities benefit from digital signage

Unless you have been hibeating in a cave for the last 6 weeks, you will be well aware that we are in the middle of Graduation season!

The University of Portsmouth are currently in the process of graduating this year’s students, generating plenty of positive content across social media through images on Instagram and comments on Twitter. Rather than waste all of this great advocacy, the University of Portsmouth decided to incorporate the social aspect into their ceremonies, helping to give the graduates their deserved moment in the spotlight. Using the hashtag #UOPGRAD15, all of the related content published by the graduates, relatives and friends could be easily presented onto the live screens around the venue during the graduation week. 

The Screen Cast was also a perfect tool to use whilst directing instructions, such as gown collection, through the official account of the University. As well as the social side of the day, the students are able to feel valued as they are welcomed into the Portsmouth alumni.

​Although not based at a graduation ceremony, Newcastle University were also able to capitalise on the EventBeat software at their recent open day. It provided prospective students the opportunity to offer their opinions of the campus and educational facilities to social media, which in tu was published onto a live feed presented on numerous screens around the venue. 

The screens also hosted comments from current students, illustrating different information about university life in Newcastle, both academically and socially. Displaying these useful comments is the perfect forum to get people at the campus talking up all of the positive features of the University. As well as for live usage aimed at high impact events, EventBeat can also benefit campuses with the implementation of permanent fixtures, such as Said Business School in Oxford. Scheduling important announcements, including messages to inform students and staff of impending activities in the calendar, is a useful feature of the permanent digital signage. A personalised Web Scoop is a great way of exhibiting all of the brilliant feedback from students and staff members to promote the success of the school. Interesting jpg and videos can be broadcasted onto the screens, providing opportunities to sell lucrative advertising space to generate separate revenue. Whatever you do with your permanent signage, it’ll be the talk of the town for the foreseeable future!

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