How to create screen tags

12/01/2017 by Nick Johnson

Adding tags to your screen is an extremely effective way to maximise the control you have over your screen portfolio. A tag is a simple way to label your screen with a keyword so that you can quickly and easily identify a screen or batch of screens using the same tag.

Tags become extremely effective when you have multiple screens and want to apply target specific content to that group of screens. For example a global brand may choose to send a specific promotion just to screens that are tagged ‘North America’ or 'Flagship' stores.

To add a tag to your screen simply click on the screen name within your dashboard and you will be taken through to a page that displays further information about this screens current live status and scheduled timetable log. In the top right corner you will also notice a list of tags. Your screen will already be pre-populated with tags for the screen name and its location, however you able to add unlimited tags by clicking in the tag box and entering your new tag.