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NowSignage for screens is a platform that allows you to send targeted content to any screen at any time.
Ideal for displaying advertising and engaging communications across retail, office or campus screens.

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Experience the simplicity of great digital signage. With all content managed via the app and no additional hardware components, it’s no longer complicated to set up digital signage.


Our innovative technology gives you 24/7 uptime with or without internet connection. Playing the content directly from local storage ensures maximum reliability and security.

Expand your capabilities with advanced content types.

Every customer has a different digital signage requirement and it is never one size fits all. That’s why we’ve built an online platform that enables you to show almost any form of content on any screen! NowSignage enables you to upload video and image files to your asset library. While also making it easy to reliably and securely stream live YouTube channels, webpages, dashboards and social media feeds to your screens. In a world where digital connectivity is everything, your business needs technology it can depend on. Our team of developers are constantly releasing automatic platform updates to advance our features at no extra cost to our customer.

Screens Setup
Screens Setup

Reinforce your brand with social media publishing.

NowSignage have built in the most advanced social media search facility on the market. Don”t be limited to streaming just your latest posts, find all those great customer posts and broadcast those too! We”ve found that integrating moderated social media content into your digital signage displays has a huge influence on buying behaviour through peer approval acting as product endorsements. In fact as much as 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.

Take control with multi-screen content scheduling.

Manually broadcasting content to a specific screen can be an arduous task. Use NowSignage to automate this process so that your screens update at a specified date and time to a targeted audience when they’re most likely to engage. Using content that you”ve uploaded into your NowSignage account you can quickly and easily build timetables to automate the process of updating content on just one or thousands of screens!

Screens Setup
Screens Setup

Gain confidence with security compliance and 100% uptime.

NowSignage are widely recognised for having one of the most slick and intuitive user interfaces on the market. Our customisable dashboards allow you to have complete visibility into the live up-time status of each and every screen. Turn on account notifications to receive automatic email updates of your screen up-time statuses, or share these high-level screen stats with the senior management teams and stakeholders.

Digital signage CMS setup made easy

Screens Setup
Screens Setup

1. Register your free account.

​Register your free NowSignage account and get started today! Our monthly pricing model allows you to easily scale your plan as your digital signage requirements grow.

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2. Manage your content online.

Access your account through our online platform from any desktop, laptop or smart device. Instantly upload new content and schedule your adverts and videos to play on any screen.

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3. Download the App to your TV.

MacOS is the operating system that powers every Mac. The reliability and security benefits of Mac make MacOS the operating system of choice for many digital signage projects all over the world.

We are hardware agnostic, meaning NowSignage is compatible with everything...

4k Amazon Fire TV Stick

NowSignage is fully compatible with commercial off-the-shelf media players such as the 4k Amazon Fire TV Stick. This hardware option provides a simple, cost effective solution that allows you to have your digital signage up-and-running in seconds!

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Media Players

NowSignage works with thousands of devices, including BrightSign, Aopen, Displaylite and Advantech. If you need help narrowing it down, please get in touch and we’d be happy to recommend the most compatible device for your installation setup and content requirements.

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System-on-Chip (SoC)

NowSignage is compatible across Android, Mac, Windows and Linux, ensuring seamless playback on all major SoC displays, including Samsung, Philips, Vestel, LG and NEC. Simply download the NowSignage app to your SoC display without the need for any external hardware!

Screens Setup

Pricing Plans Built For You

Contact our approved resellers for best prices and scale your subscription up or down at any point.


A super simple way to get 1 secreen up-and-running with a basic version of our digital signage CMS.

1 X screen

Self serve

Limited features



Ideal for an SME requiring control across up to 15 screens in one location or multiple locations.

Up to 15 screens

Self serve

Unlimited features



The essential choice for a company that wants to grow and control their multi-screen digital signage network.

Unlimited screens

24/7 customer support

Unlimited features + services

Want to become a reseller?

NowSignage provides the most comprehensive and well-engaged reseller programme on the market, equipping you with all the tools to ensure mutual success. If you would like to become a reseller of NowSignage then please get in touch.

All stated prices are only indicative of our guideline selling price. Please contact our approved resellers for exact project prices.
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