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Social media camp

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Create a ‘Social media camp’, packed full of all of your favourite and important social content with an NowSignage Twitter Wall. These bespoke Screen Casts initialise a conversation, thus creating an audience who are captivated and interested in offering their feedback. There is also the possibility of opening up a lucrative revenue stream through the broadcasting […]

Social media aggregator api

cloud based digital signage

The more social media accounts you connect to the NowSignage platform, the larger your api limit becomes. This effectively means you can now upload and publish more content than ever before using a social media aggregator API! With more images & comments making their way onto the screens at events increases the media attention they are […]

Social media aggregator widget

cloud based digital signage

Integrate all of your favourite Twitter and Instagram images & comments into an extremely attractive looking Web Scoop by NowSignage. Not only do these advocate your brand by positively reinforcing your strengths, they also help to bring your webpage alive by implementing aesthetic animations with the images & comments.

Social media aggregator wordpress theme

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A social media aggregator totally transforms the interaction of visitors to your website, thus maximising the effects of your marketing activity and provide real-time social testimonials about your live event or campaign… while also having a massive impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The user-friendly Web Scoop is an extremely attractive addition to any page, mixing […]

Social media wall art

wall art

The aesthetic nature of a Social media wall for an event or awards ceremony is incredibly important when it comes to the design stage. If the background or text is mundane and boring to look at, you will fail to capture the audience’s attention and therefore render the purpose of the Screen Cast as useless! […]

Social media display

cloud based digital signage system

An NowSignage social media display board is a great way to encourage guests to use different platforms, such as Instagram and twitter, to publish relevant pictures and tweets of themselves whilst at the event. If so required, customisable announcements can be broadcast at a time that best suits you, in order to illustrate important information to attendants […]