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Use of Digital Signage in Retail

Can’t think of what to do with your electronic signage? The team at NowSignage have put together a list of great things you can do with a digital screen! Brand marketing Reinforce your brand by using digital signage as a tool for displaying important information or raising brand awareness. Digital signage has the benefit of […]

NowSignage powers Electronic Retail Signs

You may be asking yourselves, why choose electronic retail signs over traditional print advertising? You may even have seen some retailers make the switch and are considering it for your business

NowSignage – How to add multiple screens

How to add multiple screens to the NowSignage App ​ From your dashboard you can add multiple screens to your project in a matter of seconds. Simply click the button called ‘Create Multiple Screens’ and start adding as many as you require. Once your screens have been created you will then be able to schedule […]

Digital Signage Retail Case Study

Digital marketing is fantastic isn’t it? There are more ways than ever before to reach potential customers. The rise of social media in particular has been a powerful tool for companies, yet it can be challenging to cut through the noise. So how do you make your brand’s message heard? Marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly […]