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Digital signage for Google Play

Digital signage for Google Play

NowSignage offers an Android application which can be installed directly onto an Android device which has access to the Google Play Store, this allows you to transform any display into a digital signage display in a matter of minutes.

You can download the latest NowSignage App directly from our CDN to a device with access to the Google Play Store, to do this follow the steps below:

1. Search for the ‘Downloader’ App within the Google Play Store, the app listing can be found below:

2. Once downloaded, open the ‘Downloader’ App,

3. Click ‘Install’ and this will start downloading the latest NowSignage app to your device (please note this may prompt you to allow some additional settings for it to download from an external source).

4. Once installed click ‘Open’ to open the NowSignage app and you will be prompted to enter in your 5 digit PIN.

5. Enter in your 5 digit PIN from the screen dashboard within your NowSignage account and click ‘activate screen’ to launch your content.

To install our latest application onto a device with access to the Google Play Store, please see the guide below:

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