About Us

NowSignage was launched in 2013 by a small group of individuals who all shared a passion for digital technology. 

After developing a technologically leading platform we spent the next few years exploring markets to identify where we could implement the biggest change...

In 2013 we took our first step into the events industry and immediately secured contracts with the likes of Coca-Cola, IBM, Vodafone and Lloyds Bank and Manchester United. Being used to build customer engagement at live events our platform was succesfully used to power the screens at the Olympic Stadium, Great North Run and Grand National to name a few!

In 2015 we identified a new market for our platform and introduced 'NowSignage for websites', a paid subscription offering.

In 2016 'NowSignage for screens' was launched. Having established a new subscription based business model NowSignage made a business decision to exited the events market and specialised in supporting the permanent digital signage industry. 'NowSignage for screens' is focused on enabling the multi-screen management of permanent TV screens located within retail, offices and campuses.

Today NowSignage has hundreds of customers using the platform on a daily basis and have established ourselves as the leading digital signage provider on the market.

Our core focus is to provide a cost effective way to put digital content where it matters to our customers audiences. We are dedicated to providing cutting edge technology that keeps our customers leading the way.