Service Level Agreement

Revised: 27th April 2018

The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to ensure that the proper considerations, processes and procedures are in place to enable the provision of consistent high quality, responsive technical support. Our SLA applies across all products and brands of NowSignage.

Service Availability:

We are a cloud based system with a high level of availability. We can provide peace of mind knowing that your services are available with a guaranteed 99.5% uptime SLA. In 2017 our service availability was 99.995%. The NowSignage Android app also handles any disconnections from a network access point, allowing content to be stored and played offline (except for live streaming services such as YouTube and Webpages) until such a time that network connectivity issues are resolved. The Android app downloads media asynchronously, and does not attempt to play media that has not been fully downloaded to the device. As such, the Android app can operate using connections from 2Mb/s.

Service Health Dashboard:

Access to the platform is only possible via our login portal. Users have their own unique username and password login details. NowSignage gives you complete visibility into the up-time status and content scheduling across all your screen portfolio. Our real-time health metrics will indicate the status of your screens at all times.

Support Ticket Incident Response Time

NowSignage have a policy is to respond to all customer cases within 24 hours. An incident ticket is assigned with a priority number based on the nature of the issue.

P1 – Critical Service Outage
The system is Down, no platform access is available:
● Initial Contact: < 30 minutes
● Status Update: < 2 hours
● Resolution: < 4 hours
● Management Escalation: Immediate Availability Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

If the issue is discovered by NowSignage we will notify the client immediately via your account admin contact.

P2 – High
There are one or more significant features that are unavailable:
● Initial Contact: < 2 hours
● Status Update: < 24 hours
● Resolution: < 48 hours

NowSignage will notify the client immediately via your account admin contact.

P3 – Medium
The problem does not prevent the End-User from accessing core features or using the system.
● Initial Contact: < 48 hours
● Status Update: < 5 business days
● Resolution: < 5 business days or other special requests required by the Buyer.

P4 – Low
There are no obvious errors merely small insignificant problems i.e. layout, image or colour error that does not cause an issue to branding or service capability.
● Initial Contact: < 48 hours
● Status Update: < 5 business days
● Resolution: < 20 business days