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NowSignage for websites publishes targeted social media and news content to your website. 
Ideal for displaying engaging content on your homepage, product pages and sector pages. 

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Example social media feed

Ambition are recognised as one of the most engaged social media savvy recruitment agencies on the planet. Ambition use NowSignage for websites to reflect their social media activity to full effect.

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Example industry news feed

Twenty operate in a competitive industry and demonstrating their understanding of their sectors is paramount. Twenty reinforce this knowledges by publishing industry articles into their sector specific pages.

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Display engaging content from social media into your website.

Your NowSignage account comes fully equipped with the most powerful social media search tool on the market. Simply connect your company's Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube accounts and start publishing the best of social media directly into your website. 

Why not take it a step further and cherry-pick those great customer posts to act as live endorsements and testimonials on your service or product pages too!


Publish industry leading articles into your sector webpages.

Wouldn't it be great to automatically publish all the best and latest industry news directly into your website without the ardous task of writing all that content yourself?

Well... now you can! Using our unique RSS search engine, you can easily identify the most relevant industry news sources and then publish this relevant content into targeted sector or product pages of your website. 

Create intelligent searches that publish content automatically.

NowSignage allows you to create unlimited saved searches and schedule them to automatically publish the latest search results directly into your chosen webpages on an hourly basis... meaning that your website visitors will never miss a post or article!

Using our search facility you can create searches across multiple search terms, keywords, hashtags and other users accounts. Our advanced content settings even enable you to filter your search results to ensure only the most relevant content makes it onto your website.


Choose a template and customise it to your brand.

Our embeded widgets don't come in ugly iframes with scroll bars! We believe that it is important that content should feel like it belongs on your website and be seamlessly integrated into it. 

One of the great things about 'NowSignage for websites' is that our feeds can be styled to match the exact branding of your website. Simply choose a template theme and apply your brand colours or use our APIs JSON response and style your own :)