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Screenflow to create the sharp looking social feeds designed and supplied by NowSignage, the Screen Cast displayed live at the events compliment each other with regards to style and functionality. There is a smooth flow between slides, as each new piece of information animates in and out of the screen in a professional manner. image and […]

Smart polls surveys

cloud based digital signage

NowSignage Smart Polls are an extremely useful tool, and suit almost all of the different types of events we cater for, such as; corporate, live performance, awards & ceremonies, and the education & culture sector. Results of live polls can be broadcast onto an NowSignage Screen Cast to illustrate certain trends or outline interesting and […]

Belkin Screencast

cloud based digital signage

An NowSignage ScreenCast can be updated live at the event, allowing changes to be made across the internet. The event venue must have an inteet compatibility, whether that be through wireless connectivity eg. a Belkin wireless router. The image and comments feed can be tailored to your specific requirements, featuring jpg and video ads to generate that […]

Smart quizzes

cloud based digital signage

The NowSignage Smart quzizes help to encourage guest interaction by directly involving them in a question and answer session designed to collect valuable feedback relating to a particular topic of interest. Combined with an NowSignage Screen Cast, the Smart Quizzes can present live results on screen to give the audience, and event organisers, an immediate illustration of the guest’s […]

Social media aggregator app

cloud based digital signage

NowSignage upcoming SaaS model brings a social media aggregator app with it the possibility of utilising the features on a mobile device or tablet in an app, supported by iOS and android. Digital signage CMS platforms like NowSignage provide a range of tools and capabilities for integrating social media reports into your digital signage displays. NowSignage has developed […]

Social media aggregator plugin


The Web Scoop from NowSignage reinvigorates the way visitors interact with your homepage by using a Social media aggregator. Each image and comment presented in the scoop allows for full interaction with its respective platform, ie. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can control the location of the Web Scoop on your webpage, if the homepage does not […]

Screencast software

cloud based digital signage

NowSignage Screen Cast software is a must for any live performance or corporate event. The crowd engagement soars as they interact and participate, uploading images and comments onto numerous social media platforms, which can then be broadcast onto the screens live at the event. As a secondary purpose, you can sell space on your Screen […]

Free screencast software

cloud based digital signage

Jazz up your event with a Free NowSignage screencast that creates a conversation with a captive audience with social signage. Screen Casts are a means of getting social content onto the screens; as well as a fantastic way to implement interaction & engagement within your audience. You can easily gain feedback from the audience and introduce a revenue […]

Screencast tutorial


Here at NowSignage, we offer you full support when leaing the ropes behind managing the Screen Cast via screncast tutorial Although incredibly simple to use, it is always nice to have a gentle nudge in the right direction, which is exactly what we can do with regards to controlling your event behind the scenes. Of […]

Screencast review


NowSignage can provide Screencast review post event analytics to help determine whether your event was a success, as well as quantifying within a detailed report, the tangible numbers and figures. You are therefore able to see how much attention your hashtag gained on Twitter and Instagram; how many individual images were published on social media; and […]