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ADI announces global agreement with NowSignage for distribution of PeopleCount solution

ADI Global digital signage system

ADI Global Distribution, the leading global wholesale distributor of security and AV products, today announces a 22 territory agreement to circulate PeopleCount, a people counting solution developed by NowSignage, the acclaimed UK-based digital signage technology firm.    People Counting solutions are fast becoming the norm across the retail, corporate and education sectors, as a way […]

Hikvision and NowSignage partner

people counting digital signage system

to launch Philips PDS PeopleCount solution In response to the escalation of COVID-19, Hikvision and NowSignage have joined forces to bring to market a solution to help retailers rebuild consumer confidence and dispel conces around social distancing. PeopleCount is a solution that meets the growing demand for more effective ways to measure capacity management in […]

NowSignage Platform Changelog – 03 June 2020


The NowSignage platform has received various updates, Changelog – 03 June 2020 lists to improve usability and stability. The NowSignage platform has been a leader in digital signage solutions for businesses of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it has helped countless businesses improve their marketing and communication efforts. In order to […]

5 reasons to choose the NowSignage People Counting solution by Philips PDS

people counting digital signage system

One of the most in-demand solutions on the market right now are a wide variety of People Counting solutions by philips PDS counting that safeguard your customers by tracking the number of people entering and exiting your premises, in order to monitor capacity and maintain social distancing. As many solutions start to flood the market, […]