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University of Chester powers campus digital signage

University of Chester campus digital signage

Communication has always been integral to the student experience at the University of Chester. One of the most impactful ways the University ensures an outstanding student learning experience is through the advanced technology it uses to connect with students, staff and the public across its campuses.  Which is where NowSignage plays a key role. Implemented […]

University of Exeter protect students

University of Exeter digital signage

By investing in capacity management digital signage INTO University of Exeter, is to provide academic pathways that enable international students to progress to University of Exeter degree programmes.  With more than 23,500 students from 130 different countries, Exeter is a truly international university. The University’s campuses are renowned for offering a safe and diverse community […]

University of Chester installs NowSignage

University digital signage

NowSignage’s Chester University project is centred around the creation and provision of Digital Signage. The requirements from the University can be seen as ‘dual purpose

Permanent Signage at Saïd Business School

digital signage

“Permanent Signage Being able to update content through a Web-based dashboard means that we are able to update content much more regularly and can react to information needs as they arise. Being used across the School, it also opens up many possibilities for the reuse and sharing of content and social media.” John Pilbeam, the […]

Universities benefit from digital signage

university digital signage

  The University of Portsmouth are among the  Universities benefit from digital signage with their currently in the process of graduating this year’s students, generating plenty of positive content across social media through images on Instagram and comments on Twitter. Rather than waste all of this great advocacy, the University of Portsmouth decided to incorporate […]

TEDxOxbridge 2015 “Ideas to Impact”

TED digital signage

The Säid Business School at the University of Oxford was the perfect venue for the TEDxOxbridge 2015 event on Saturday 6th June. This year’s theme was ‘Ideas to Impact’, focussing on how concepts can be simplified in order to aid the development and progression of an idea that can have  real impact and cause potential […]

The University of Chester Campus Signage

chester digital signage

NowSignage Chester Campus Signage University project is centred around the creation and provision of Digital Signage. The requirements from the University can be seen as ‘dual purpose’: Through the NowSignage software we have provided the with an effective means to broadcast relevant content to multiple areas around the Chester Campus Signage. Our advanced software not […]